standard 10 Best Travel Apps

When it comes to the most important item you can pack for a vacation, your smartphone tops the list. What started as a way to contact people back home has now become an all-in-one travel companion offering up a camera, phone, and literally millions of helpful travel apps. Below are some of the best travel apps that you should definitely download before your next trip.

TripIt – Before you even begin planning your trip, download this app to organize all the details. TripIt keeps track of all your bookings, from hotels to rental cars to flights, and keeps all the important information like confirmation numbers in one each to reach place.

FlightTrack Pro – There are lots of apps out there to track your flight but FlightTrack Pro goes beyond the basics. Not only does it track flight times, gates, and delays, it also calculates possible delays based on airport warnings and previous delay patterns.

Postagram – Today trips are shared in real time on social media but if you miss the old school travel postcard, check out Postagram. The app takes your travel pictures, prints them out, and mails your friends and family real postcards with your personal message.

TripAdvisor – The one-stop-shop for travel reviews on everything from hostels and hotels to restaurants and local attractions, this app is a must for travelers. You can look up hotel reviews before you book or find interesting places to see while you are visiting.

Weather Channel App – End up in Paris without an umbrella during the rainiest week of April? That could have been avoided with the Weather Channel App. Check forecasts before you pack or check historic data to find out what the weather might be like the season you are visiting.

Packing Pro – Another great app to download before your trip is Packing Pro. Figuring out what to take and what not to take can make packing for a trip seriously frustrating but with Packing Pro you will find easy to customize packing lists, tips, and advice.

XE Currency – If you are traveling abroad, you’ll definitely want to download the XE Currency app. Use it to make sure you aren’t overspending or getting ripped off when converting to the local currency.

Google Maps – So many travel guides recommend “getting a little lost and discovering a new side to the city” but when it is 11pm and you really just want to find your hotel, Google Maps is a godsend. Use it to look up directions and even to search local public transportation routes.

Google Translate – Another Google product, Google Translate makes figuring out foreign menus and signs much easier. It’s not 100% accurate but is usually good enough to send you in the right direction or get the message across.

Uber – If you are traveling to one of the 100 cities covered by Uber, you should be sure to download their app. They offer a great alternative to taxis and you don’t even have to worry about having cash as payments are taken care of thru the app.

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