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For many people the idea of traveling with kids, long-term, internationally, or even just for a weeklong vacation sounds impossible. We imagine screaming babies, crying toddlers, moody teens and a family vacation ruined. In reality though, traveling with your kids can offer amazing experiences, life changing moments, and a chance to connect with your children without the distractions of Facebook, phones, and tv.

And besides, if you have a strong desire to travel, having children shouldn’t stop you from doing just that. Travel is fun, but it is also education and not only will you get a chance to see the world, you will also be giving you children life changing experiences. Check out these moms traveling the world and blogging about how to do it successfully with kids in tow.

Raising Miro – Lainie has been traveling the world with her teenage son Miro for close to 5 years. Not only does the site offer great travel advice for families, it also has a great deal of info on “unschooling” and education during long-term travel.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups – The average, all-American family – four boys, Little League games, and a house in the suburbs – but for this family, add in a heavy dose of travel. The mom behind Suitcases and Sippy Cups aims to show that even the most average family out there can make travel a centerstone of their lives.

Luxury Travel Mom – Even if you are ready to travel with your kids, it might seem like you’ll just be stuck in run-down motels and “child-friendly” chain restaurants. Not so with the help of Luxury Travel Mom who shows how you can enjoy a nice vacation, even for mom and dad, when traveling with kids.

Have Baby Will Travel – Traveling with kids can be hard but if you are thinking of traveling with a baby, you will appreciate the advice from traveling mom Corinne. Her great, baby specific travel advice will motivate and inspire you to travel, no matter the age of your kids.

The Family Adventure Project – Kirstie, the mom behind this traveling, adventure family, along with her husband Stuart, have made finding adventures part of the family mission. From ski to sailing to international cycling trips, this family has done and seen a lot!

Gone With the Family – Lisa has been on a mission to show her kids the world for over 15 years. Her site is filled with tips, tricks, and advice on traveling with kids and making the experience both fun and educational.

Walking On Travels – When Keryn had her first child, people told her that her travel days were over but with an adventurous heart, Keryn wasn’t ready to give up travel. Years later, and now with two young children in tow, Keryn continues to show that you can still explore the world even after having a baby.

The Mother of All Trips – Author of The Family Traveler’s Handbook, Mara aims to bring the world to her kids, while helping readers of her site to do the same. She inspires families to travel with every one of her delightfully fun and entertaining travel stories.

The Travel Mama – Colleen, the Travel Mama, helps families tackle all that goes into planning a successful family vacation, while hopefully staying sane. From destination specific travel tips to family packing lists, Colleen covers it all.

Family on Bikes – One family, 3 years, and 15 countries… this family knows how to take a family vacation to the next level! Nancy, the mom, helped record the family’s adventures as they rode from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, with two twin boys.

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