standard 5 Careers You Can Do On the Road

So many people confine their travels to the one or two weeks of vacation time they get each year.  These people hear about long-term or full-time travelers and figure they must have inherited a bunch of money or something.  Truth is though that many people travel around the world full-time while also working and even advancing their careers.  Thanks to the internet and the ease of modern day travel, there are a number of careers you can do on the road, while traveling all over the world.  Below are just a few of the many, many jobs like this available.

Freelance Writer

If you are a decent writer, consider getting a freelance writing gig.  These jobs come in all forms – writing for websites, ghostwriting a book – and cover all topics from travel to business to health.  Most writers start out on the low end, writing for small websites but with the right connections and work ethic, you could easily turn this into a solid career, writing for big name magazines and newspapers.

Website Designer

If you like playing around this website themes and modifying code, working as a website designer could be a very lucrative career.  You will need a solid internet connection the majority of the time which might limit your travel options but as more and more businesses jump online, you won’t have much problem finding clients.  While most traveling website designers have clients from back home, you can also use your skills to score free hotel rooms or meals by redesigning the websites of businesses you encounter on your travels.


Writing for other websites can earn you a paycheck now but to increase your income potential and keep yourself traveling long-term, consider starting your own blog.  Many travelers start travel blogs but you can easily work in any niche.  Blogging will not make you a ton of money and profits don’t usually start coming in until 6+ months after you get started but it can be a nice way to fill your travel fund while on the road.


Not a fan of spend your days on the internet or just not computer savvy?  There is still hope for you yet.  Thousands of people travel around the world for years busking, aka doing street performances, to cover their expenses.  You would be surprised to see how much some talented performers can bring in during a few hours of performing each day.  Not only that but you are literally getting paid to practice a skill you hopefully love from singing and playing the guitar to juggling.

Your Current Career

Already have a career you like and don’t really want to give up?  There is a good chance you can take that career on the road with you! Although I would contemplate how to handle your withholding allowances beforehand. Some companies are more flexible and will let you work remotely, remaining a “normal” employee.  Other careers are easy to transition online.

Accounts can easily keep track of client accounts, file tax forms, etc even if they are traveling abroad.  Traveling nurses can both work onsite in destinations around the world or score a “virtual nurse” job, sometimes with insurance companies and government agencies, where they take calls and answer questions from people back home online.  Teachers can use their skills to teach online classes or as a online tutor.  Day trader is now a common full-time travel career as it is done exclusively online.  As you can see, with a little creatively and flexibility, almost any career can become a full-time travel career.

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