standard 5 Challenges You Will Encounter Whilst Travelling Alone.  

Travelling alone allows you to do things exactly how you want to, with no sticking to someone else’s clock and a minimum of distractions. Some solo travellers see their journey has part of a process of self-discovery, while others merely want to free their minds of life at home and learn about new cultures.

Whatever your reasons for travelling alone, good holiday insurance is imperative as it covers the cost of any medical procedures you may need while overseas as well as damage to your items, loss of your luggage, and costs incurred if any part of your trip is delayed or cancelled.

With insurance in place you have one less thing to worry about, but you still may encounter some challenges on your travels and here a five to aware off.

Language barriers

When travelling alone in a far away land, you will not have anyone to turn to when you need assistance. Everything from getting directions to ordering a meal in a restaurant requires some form of communication and without a fellow traveller to help you out, getting your message across can be difficult.

Scammers and criminals

Of course, most solo travellers enjoy their holiday without any problems, but it is a real fact that if you are alone you are more likely to be targeted by those with unscrupulous intentions.

The saying that there is “safety in numbers” is true to an extent, but it’s perfectly possible to safe while alone providing you take precautions and do not travel too far off the beaten track.

Single supplements

One of the biggest draw backs of travelling alone is that many hotels charge a supplement to cover the money they are not making from a room having more than one occupant.

However, it can be avoided if you book into hotels offer roommate matching. This is where they pair two solo travellers together to help them keep their costs down. Some even match guests based on their similarities.

 Running out of money

Even if you are travelling as a couple or with a group, running out of cash is a major problem, but when you’re alone it’s an even bigger issue as you will not have people to turn to.

It always makes sense to plan ahead and work out a sensible budget for each day of your trip. In addition to that, keep a little spare aside for emergencies. You can even shove it down your socks if you wish.

 Getting too drunk

This kind of ties in with what we have already said about budgeting and protecting yourselves against thieves. The simple reality is that if you get too intoxicated, you are more likely to fritter your money away, but you will also be an easy target for criminals.

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