standard A Broadway Treat

A Broadway show is certainly a treat, and the great news is that it is now easier than ever before to find tickets and head off to your favourite show, giving your trip to the Big Apple a more exciting edge that it was before.

Of course, finding Broadway tickets is something you need to do carefully, because there are many ticket touts out there who will give you false tickets and take your cash for the privilege – not the best way to enjoy your time! The simple advice is to only ever buy tickets from official places, e.g. reputable websites or the theatre Box Office itself – if a deal looks seriously too good to be true, then you have to take the line of thought that it probably isn’t true!

Warning aside, let’s look at the more positive and fun side of heading to Broadway.

There are of course many wonderful things to do in New York, but indulging in a spot of theatre entertainment is a great way to spend your time. There are countless hotels around the Theater District, so if you are serious about your theatre time, how about finding a hotel which is more central in Manhattan, saving you the commuting time? You will also find countless restaurants too, so you can make a real night of your entertainment, or even an afternoon if you’re heading to a matinee performance.

What can you see?

The list is very long!

Phantom of the Opera and Cats are two of the most iconic and famous shows which are currently running, and which have been running for a long time too. Tickets for these are certainly in demand, so it might be worth getting your tickets well ahead of time, to avoid disappointment. Kinky Boots and Jersey Boys are two other popular shows at the moment, as well as the Lion King and Wicked, which are famous the world over.

The best advice is to check online what is available when you know the dates you’re visiting, and from there work out what you’d like to see. If you can see a couple of shows, all the better!

If you can combine sightseeing with theatre, shopping, and nightlife, you’ll have a really complete holiday in front of you, and something to look forward to and get you through the winter blues. This is certainly a break which is going to need a clear camera memory card, to immortalise your memories in film.


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