standard A Crazy Holiday to Remember

If you are looking for a destination which will leave you in no doubt that you had a blast, it has to be Las Vegas. Aside from that realisation, you will also probably need another holiday afterwards in order to recover, because you’ll be so exhausted and wiped out from the fun and general merriment you’ll have in this desert-set city.

In order to really get everything out of your time, you should give some serious thought to what you want to see, because in terms of desert mirages, this is one which is much bigger than it first appears. Another tip is to wear comfortable shoes and throw fashion out of the window, because a distance is seriously going to give you blisters, especially in the heat.

Pick your hotel very wisely, because your location on the Strip really will dictate where you spend most of your time. You should also not go above your budget, because the bottom line is that all the hotels are fantastic in their own right, and you’ll probably spend most of your time out and about anyway.

So, what should you do during your time in this crazy city?

A Vegas show should certainly be high up on your must do list. Think showgirls, bright lights, noise, flamboyance, extravagance, and generally one of the best shows you’ve ever seen in your life – these things all sum up Vegas’ many shows on offer. Finding tickets for a Las Vegas show is not difficult, provided you stick to official lines, such as the Box Office of the venue itself, or a reputable online site. Never buy tickets from people on the street – these tickets are not official or valid.

Another activity you need to consider is a night time helicopter ride over the Strip. The lights may look impressive from on the ground, but they are seriously impressive from up high! You should also be thinking about venturing out to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, because to be so close to a jaw-dropping natural wonder and not going there, is a travel-related crime. You will not struggle to find excursions, or you could hire a car and drive there yourself.

What else can you do? Shopping is a great activity, and you will find a store for every budget. Down towards the airport end of the Strip you will find outlets which sell big named brands, such as Gap, for much cheaper than you would find anywhere else, but if you head up towards the other end of the Strip, you will find huge designer named boutiques – it all depends on what your budget is, but you certainly won’t struggle to find tourist souvenir shops too!

You can’t really go to Vegas and not try your hand at gambling at least once. Your hotel will probably have a large casino, and you should set yourself a budget and stick to it! What you do with your winnings is up to you!

Vegas is a crazy, fun-filled riot, and one you will never forget.

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