standard A Spot of Luxury in Paradise

If you’re travelling as a group and you’re the poor soul who has to organise it, you won’t need me to tell you that it comes with an attached tag of stress. The point of contact for endless requests, being the one to make final decisions, and the money collecting side of it too. All in all, it is enough to make you wonder why you’re going away in the first place.

Now, whilst that is all very well and good, one thing which could make your time away more than worth it is to look at booking luxury travel for your group.

Maybe you’re thinking this is an expensive road to go down, but bear with me, because you might be surprised to realise that it really isn’t.

Luxury villas are available all over the world, and they work out much better value for groups than a regular hotel. You can spread the cost between you, and you get excellent service and a stress-free break as a result. If you’re heading to one of the more glittering destinations in the world, maybe heading away to Thailand and visiting vibrant Phuket, or the laid-back island vibe of Koh Samui, then you will be aware that these are popular backpacking destinations – with a luxury villa you get a totally different take on a destination that is paradise without the backpack. Bali is another one of those amazing destinations you may be visiting, and a villa here will show you the idyllic side of the island, somewhere you will want to return to again and again, with memories of endless blue seas and white sand.

It’s enough to get you dreaming right now!

A luxury villa has other perks too, aside from the obvious total R&R you can experience. Villas come with a recognised VIP service, so you know you are looked after at every step, with a personalised experience tailored to your needs, e.g. location and service etc.

At the end of the day however, my opinion is this – if you’re heading somewhere glittering and beautiful, somewhere totally castaway and drenched in sun and culture, do you really want to be roughing it? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with backpacking and cutting costs, but if you want a holiday to remember for totally luxurious reasons, somewhere to totally spoil yourself and your group, then a villa experience is the ideal option.

Destinations such as Thailand and Bali are ideal for that sophisticated break, and it may also show you a different side to these destinations, away from the backpacking trail. You can explore the culture and beauty of these places without having to constantly think of your next accommodation area, and you are safe in the knowledge that when you return to your villa, your evening will be relaxed, allowing you to look back on your day’s travels and escape from any cares and worries you may have back home.

Luxury is obviously what you make it, but for a true escape from life, total rest and relaxation, and beauty like your eyes won’t believe, maybe your group should be looking towards a villa break with a very opulent difference.

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