standard A Very English Holiday, But a Very Continental Affair

Welcome to Cornwall

When you think of the English seaside, you probably think of Punch & Judy shows, donkey rides, fish and chips, paddling in the sea, and amusement arcades. Whilst this is all very true, if you avoid the seaside experience then you could be missing out on one very beautiful and almost continental part of the country.

Cornwall has long been popular for summer holidays, and although no-one can guarantee the weather, you can be guaranteed a chilled-out and very scenic break. Towns such as Looe are great for holidays, with St Ives, and the party atmosphere of Newquay adding to the varied flavour of the area.

To coin a very over used phrase, there is simply something for everyone – if you want low key then maybe St Ives is for you, which is also great for families holidays with very young children, and if you want lively then Newquay is for you, with its surfer dude feel, vibrant night-life, and several stunningly beautiful and wild beaches to enjoy.

Of course, historically you could head to Tintagel and see if you can bring to life the legend of King Arthur, or alternatively you could head to Land’s End and enjoy the feel of being at Britain’s most southerly point, knowing that the next stop is Ireland, and then all the way over the Atlantic Ocean to the USA.

The weather in Britain overall is never 100% guaranteed, even during the peak summer months, but the great news is that Cornwall is more likely to have warmer and brighter weather than most other parts of the country, and certainly more likely that the more northern seaside resorts, such as Scarborough on the east coast, and Blackpool on the west coast. The scenery is also more rugged, more scenic, more beautiful, and simply something you have to experience at least once in your life.

If you need more reasons to look towards Cornwall for your next summer break, then think about the unique and iconic culture of the area – mining has a long history in this part of the country, and you will find abandoned mines all around the area, and museums documenting the long struggle which finally ended in the unfortunate closing of the industry. Of course there are the more positive parts of Cornish culture to think about, such as cream teas, outdoorsy activities, nature, walking, and the famous Cornish pasty, which has roots steeped in mining too. Basically, culture and history is at every corner, and friendly locals will be only too happy to fill you in their unique tales and backgrounds.

Basically, Cornwall is the ideal blend of English seaside fun, slightly more sophistication than you may think, a laid-back vibe, and a little taste of the continent, right in the heart of England’s beautiful south-west.

Why go further afield when there is so much beauty to be found at home, or at least very close by?

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