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If you love the water you’ll know that there are innumerable ways to experience it; whale-watching, jet-skiing, deep sea diving — you name it. And there are people who like to jump in and get wet and those who prefer to stay dry on deck. And that’s okay — everybody’s different! Below are two water based adventures in two very different parts of the world, one wet and one dry. Which would you prefer?

Canyoning, Gorge Walking and Coastal Climbing in Scotland

Scotland is famous for being wet and for those who would like to get a bit wetter then these activities are surely worth a try. Gorgewalking and canyoning will take you up and down Scotland’s rivers the hard way — you’ll jump into freezing pools, slide down waterfalls and negotiate harnessed abseils. This is a thrilling way to experience Scotland, but you need to be brave to do it!

As well as jaw-dropping highland glens, rivers and forests, Scotland has a rugged coastline — perfect for adventure climbing. If scrambling along rocky shores and cliffs is your thing then there’s no better place. Of course it’s vital that you enjoy a plate of fish ‘n’ chips and a few.

Enjoy Dubai Fishing on Licensed Fishing Charters

If you like to cast your fishing rod abroad on exotic fishing trips then Dubai is just the ticket. In the heat of the Persian Gulf you’ll find yourself sailing out on a cool breeze as you make your way to some of the best fishing spots in the world. The best time to fish off the coast of Dubai is from October to May when queenfish, dorado, barracuda and yellowfin tuna appear in large numbers. This is a brilliant place for people looking to master the art of sea fishing because there are plenty of dedicated guides and fishing experts ready to take you out on charters. A fantastic way to experience the water with your clothes on!

Whether you like to keep your hair intact or you like a soggy wetsuit going out on the water is immense fun.

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