standard As Fashions Change, so do Our Glasses

It used to be the way that if you wore glasses on a permanent basis, or even a semi-permanent basis, there wasn’t a lot in the way of fashion to choose from. You either went for the thicker, black rimmed variety, or you went or something a little clearer; this wasn’t out of a general choice, this was because that was literally all there was on offer.

Thankfully, things have changed, and as footwear and clothing has evolved into a huge fashion choice, so has our optical range too.

When you head off on holiday, of course you need sunglasses, because squinting constantly isn’t a good look, and it also gives you a headache, which kind of ruins the point of being on holiday. If you’re a glasses wearer generally, you will then need to be thinking about finding prescription glasses for your travels, i.e. sunglasses.

The great news is that there are designer choices, funky choices, different colours, different shapes, and basically something for everyone, and this all means that you can tailor-make your “Optically” look to suit your outfit, giving you a perfect appearance for your summer break. Oh, of course, you’ll also be able to see much better than otherwise, which is obviously much more important than looking great!

It’s important to make sure you find the right type of sunglasses for your face shape, and this is where you need to do a little research beforehand; head online and find a site which allows you to upload a photo and find your ideal sunglasses shape. If you’re going to rock a pair of sunglasses this summer, you need to make sure you’re rocking the right type! Not all face shapes can carry large, oversized shades, because they will literally cover far too much face surface; on the other hand, a larger sized face, or perhaps a squarer face shape will not be able to carry a smaller pair of shades either. It’s all about what suits you, just like clothes are about what suits your body shape.

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