standard Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

This title is self-explanatory: here are our top 5 countries for solo female travelers. To be fair, I tried to include countries from different parts of the world, religions and traditions. These picks are based not only on safety criteria, but also on the level of hospitality that local people will most likely show towards a foreign girl on the road. Always remember: there are nice people everywhere, as well as there are nasty people. Your experience will entirely depend on the acquiantances you will make and the stories you will bring.

As a solo female traveller, you will feel like a princess in:


Modern, Buddhist, culturally rich – despite recent political unrest in Taiwan, it remains one of my favorite destinations. Taiwan usually gets overlooked by travelers in Asia, who instead opt to visit more popular destinations like Japan or South Korea. Taiwanese people are hospitable and extremely helpful. Older generations did not have much opportunity to travel abroad or learn foreign languages, which makes them even more curious about you. Young people frequently go for a semester abroad and are eager to tell you about their love for Europe and teach you how to fall in love with Taiwan. Funky dressing style, plenty of hiking routes, endless coastline, tribal traditions on smaller islands – Taiwan is a really fantastic and safe place to be.

Costa Rica

The only country with no standing army. Jungle, beaches, adventure packages, abundance of fellow travelers and hospitality of the local population: Costa Rica is an incredibly safe place to be in Latin America. You can come here for a Spanish language course, a volunteering project or a teaching opportunity.


The Emerald Isle is a dream destination of many a girl who watched Riverdance, listened to Enya and read the poetry of W.B.Yeats. It is one of the easiest and safest places to hitchhike in Europe. Irish people from rural areas are among the most carefree and jolly folks I’ve ever met, and sitting in a rural ‘old men’ bar will provide you with a range of the most incomprehensible accents. And yeah, somebody will eventually teach you that tap dancing.


The genocide of 1994 must have changed the minds of people in this small East African country, and nowadays Rwanda is one of the safest places on the continent. Its capital, Kigali, only uses authorized motorbike taxis, and each driver must wear a helmet and provide one for the passenger. Pickpockets still exist, but violent crimes are extremely rare and punished severely. People here are artistic, friendly, and eager to share their family stories.

New Zealand

The country of hobbits, kiwis and breathtaking landscapes. Multiple sailing and surfing opportunities, seasonal jobs and hippie communities. Nothing scary ever happens here. NOTHING.


It is not a country and is really off the beaten track… But the biggest threat you face is probably horny male penguins. But considering that female penguins make their males sit on the eggs, Antarctica has a thriving female-dominating society.

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