standard Best Destinations for a Mini-Retirement

So many people spend their entire lives working, aiming for the day they can finally retire.  Problem is, most people find that retirement at 65+ and by that time, all the dreams of traveling they had might just be too far out of reach.  This is why the idea of mini-retirements, small 6 month or so breaks throughout your life, have become so popular.  Why wait for a day that might not come?  Take your mini-retirement now; enjoy life and travel while you can.

For many people, the financial issues with taking 6 months off of work are just too scary to consider.  In reality though, mini-retirements can be incredible affordable and sometimes they can even save you money.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these mini-retirement destinations and see for yourself.


For your first mini-retirement, Panama makes a great destination.  While it is not the most affordable place on our list, it is still relatively cheap and more importantly, it is a very easy place to live.  The country has good infrastructure, nice hospitals, an easy long-term visa process, and they even use the US Dollar as their currency.

If you are looking at a mini-retirement here, you also have a great deal of options of where to stay in such a small country.  Panama City has the fun, energy, and nightlife of any major city while smaller communities welcome foreigners on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.  Crime is high is certain areas though so it is better to splurge a bit and rent a home in a nice neighborhood or gated community.  It will still likely cost you less than what you pay back home for rent.


When it comes to mini-retirement destinations, Thailand tops the list as most popular.  Combine friendly people, incredible cheap rent, and a country full of adventure and it is easy to see the appeal.  Thailand has everything from beaches to mountains to major cities.  Take your mini-retirement here and you can spend your days enjoying cheap massages, riding elephants, lounging on the beach, or hitting world-class nightclubs.

Two of the top mini-retirement destinations in Thailand are the capital city of Bangkok and the northern city of Chiang Mai.  Each have their unique appeals.  Bangkok has a lot more energy and action but higher prices while Chiang Mai enjoys a peaceful jungle location with incredibly affordable prices on everything from apartments to food.


Another mini-retirement hotspot is Argentina, especially the capital city, Buenos Aires.  Here you can enjoy another city with great infrastructure and many of the comforts of home.  Thanks to its location in the southern hemisphere, this also makes an awesome destinations if you are hoping to take a mini-retirement away from winter as well.

Housing and rent prices in Buenos Aires can fluctuate but you should be able to find a decent place, in a good neighborhood, for still less than you pay back home.  Spend your extra money not just relaxing around but actually building valuable skills by taking Spanish classes or for a bit more fun, tango classes.

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