standard Buenos Aires for the Solo Female Travel

Buenos Aires has earned the nickname – Paris of the South – for good reason. It is a city with a romantic feel, from the beautiful architecture and large, open parks to the sexy tango dances on the streets of San Telmo. This is a city for love and great for couples but if you are heading to Buenos Aires alone, you’ll find that it holds just as much fun and adventure for the solo female traveler. Here are some of our tips to make your solo journey fantastic.

Take a Tango Class – Tango is the dance of Argentina, both fun and sexy. If you are traveling solo, a great way to meet other travelers and some locals is to sign up for a tango class. Look for classes specifically set up for travelers without dance partners. Many solo travelers come to Buenos Aires for months on end to study the dance and you will no doubt meet a few interesting people to grab a glass of wine with after class.

Learn a bit of Spanish – Whether you take classes before you leave home or sign up for lessons once you arrive in the city, knowing a bit of Spanish in Buenos Aires can go a long way. Unlike Peru or Ecuador, countries that rely heavily on English speaking tourists, the people of Buenos Aires are not as willing to quickly switch to English. They appreciate travelers attempting to speak Spanish and even learning the polite basics of please, thank you, and excuse me, will help tremendously.

Embrace the Flirtation – As a solo female traveler of any age, you are definitely going to experience the flirtatious advances of at least a few men. Argentinian men love to flirt, are very bold in their approach of women, and they will throughout a pick up line or two. Thankfully, the men in Buenos Aires take rejection well and will back off if you say you’re really not interested. You’re best bet though is to enjoy the harmless flirtation and look for guys who are hanging out with a mixed group of both men and women. Yes, you might have to turn the poor fellow down, but even after that, he will probably introduce you to his group of friends.

Head to the Park – Traveling in a big city solo can be a bit lonely at times but in Buenos Aires, you will never feel alone at the park. Visit on a sunny weekend and you will find yourself surrounded by thousands of locals enjoying mate with friends, a book on the grass, or a bike ride around the lake. Take a book or journal, pack a snack lunch, and enjoy the people watching. If you are lucky, you will be invited to join a group of friends for mate.

Stay Safe – For being such a big city, Buenos Aires is relatively safe, if you stick to the nice areas. Don’t flash expensive jewelry or a nice phone and watch out for pickpockets on public transportation. Downtown at night can definitely be sketchy and when leaving the dance clubs at night, always take a cab. Treat safety in Buenos Aires the same way you would in any major city and you should be ok.

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