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standard Carry-on Essentials for a Long Flight

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Long-haul flying isn’t generally what most people would refer to as fun, and those who do enjoy it are usually more into the in-flight entertainment and food! To alleviate some of the boredom and to make your flight less stressful, it’s a good idea to be prepared before you go, and make sure you pack everything you need to get you thought your flight in your hand luggage, ready to grab when boredom or another in-flight scenario pops up.

Unless you have a crystal ball, you might not really know what you’re going to need, but from someone who has done the long-haul thing several times, here is my guide to the essentials you need for that dreaded long-distance flight.

Lip-balm – Air conditioned planes suck the moisture right out of every pore of your body, and your lips are probably going to be the first thing to suffer. To avoid dry, cracked lips make sure you use a lip balm regularly.

Hairbrush – Okay, so if you manage to get some sleep, you’re probably going to wake up with hair like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards. This is not a good look when you arrive at the airport, so pack a mirror brush, one of those fold-up ones, and you tick two boxes.

Make up essentials – Again, this to refresh yourself when you land, so when it comes to nearly time to disembark, top up that foundation, rearrange your eyeliner, and stick on a bit more lip balm, leaving you feeling fresh and more awake as you reach passport control.

Face cream – This is on a similar tip to lip balm, but your skin will probably become dry as a result of the air conditioning, so a small tube of moisturiser will help you, and if you can get an all-purpose type, then it will freshen up your hands too.

Socks – Have you ever noticed that the first thing to get cold is usually your feet? I can’t sleep or get comfortable if my tootsies are feeling the chill, so pack a pair of fluffy socks and you can also easily take your shoes off and walk around the cabin without wondering what you’re standing in.

Neck pillow – Some people get on well with these, some don’t, but it’s always going to be more comfortable if you have something to rest your head on. These roll up quite small to pack in your hand luggage, and you can often buy them on-board as part of the duty free service.

Deodorant – Whether you actually do smell or it’s a figment of your imagination, feeling unfresh can be a major confidence zapper. Carrying a good quality deodorant, such as Rexona Clinical for Women will mean you feel better as a result, and the bonus is that Rexona comes in plentiful types and sizes, so it’s easy to throw in your hand luggage. Fresh as a daisy!

Eyedrops – Tiredness means blood-shot, gritty eyes, so a small tube of refreshing eye drops will help give you your sparkle back on arrival.

Paracetamol – Hands up who gets a mid-flight headache? That’s most of you I would imagine! Make sure you pack some pain-killers to help beat that pressure headache.

Tissues – Dry air means sneezes and coughs, and how irritating is it when you don’t have a tissue handy? Throw a small pack in your hand luggage and you won’t have that problem.

Cardigan – You’re bound to feel a drop in temperature as you become tired, so a cardigan or hoodie is the best way to beat it. Wear it to travel in and it won’t contribute to your luggage allowance.

Sweets/mints – Mid-flight munchies? Sorted! This also beats the popping ears problem on take-off and landing.

Kindle/tablet/e-reader – Although you can get yourself involved in the in-flight entertainment, nothing beats your own books, films, music, or games. Load up your tablet/iPad/Kindle and charge it up before you leave. Consider buying a mobile charger battery too.

Earphones – And finally we have the one thing that many people forget and end up having to buy at the airport! Don’t forget your own earphones, and you can easily block out the world and relax.

Photo Credit: Earthworm via photopin cc

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