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Do you ever give much thought to whether you can actually gain entry to the country you’re planning on visiting for your holiday? It doesn’t usually cross most people’s minds, but there are certain countries where you will need to obtain a visa either before you travel, or at the time of entry.

It’s always worthwhile checking this information in the planning stages of a holiday, because in some cases it can take a while, or if you book and you’re denied entry, such as into the USA, then you’ve wasted money. A quick Google search will generally give you the information you need, but always head to the official consulate website for genuine information.

Insurance is another of those sticky subjects that people often forget, until they need it. Never ever travel without insurance, it’s simply not worth the risk, and in the event of illness or a huge problem, you will be pleased you took a few minutes out of your busy schedule to arrange your cover.

Its these small things that add up to a smoother holiday, and even down to checking your flight information online before you travel will make sure you don’t have any problems when you arrive at the airport. Knowing which terminal to go to will cut down on messing around time, and mean less stress overall.

Checking details and doing pre-departure research really will cut down on stress, and let’s face it, stress is one of the main culprits for ruining long-awaited time away.

A friend of mine recently booked a family holiday to Florida and didn’t bother to look into visa information until around 9 weeks before they were due to fly. Most people will apply for an ESTA online and be able to travel no problem, however there are restrictions for some who have criminal records, and it turned out that her husband had an unspent conviction, so he was unable to get his easy online visa. He had to go to London and be interviewed, which turned out to be a costly experience. All this could have been sorted out much easier if they had done this checking pre-booking.

Turkey is one of the most popular holiday resorts for summer this year, yet most people aren’t aware that you now need to apply for an online e-visa before travelling. It’s all in the research!

If you’re booking with a travel agent, they will more than likely inform you of your requirements, but always double check!

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