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There are few cities in the world which are diverse, iconic, and laid-back as San Francisco, and it is this fact alone which makes it one of the most visited. Of course, there are many other reasons too, including some of the most famous sights around, and the wonderful weather, but this Californian city is certainly made for exploration.

San Francisco is quite compact, which means you can easily walk around, provided you know where you are going! The public transport system is very easy to use and cheap, but first time visitors may be wanting to glam up their transport needs, and if that sounds like something you would like to do, have you thought about hiring a limo? You could head out for the day and see the sights like a celeb, or you could be picked up or dropped off at the airport in VIP style!

However you choose to get around, there is certainly plenty to see in San Fran, as it is affectionately known. The main area is the Bay Area, and this is the sight you will have seen on TV or in magazines, with the mysterious summer fog, the iconic Victorian buildings, the hills, and basically the sheer beauty. There are several districts to San Francisco, and each of them have something to offer visitors, with Golden Gate and Fisherman’s Wharf being two of the most popular.

Golden Gate has, as the name would suggest, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, as well as Fort Mason, and is a rather upmarket choice. Fisherman’s Wharf is touristy, and is known for Pier 39, and plenty of entertainment options – this is also where you catch the ferry over to Alcatraz Island, and the famous old prison.

Nob Hill and Russian Hill are the two neighbourhoods you should venture to for stunning panoramic views, with cable cars taking you to the highest spots. Alternatively, head to Chinatown for a colourful and cultural experience, especially during the Chinese New Year, with festivals, dancing, music, and shows to enjoy.

Of course, on top of all this you can expect everything a large city would offer, from shopping, nightlife, and gastronomy. You also won’t struggle to find somewhere to stay in San Francisco, no matter which neighbourhood you choose to base yourself in, with a hotel or guest house for every budget.

The great thing about this city is that it is so culturally diverse, so you will meet people from all different countries and walks of life, speaking several different languages, all within one visit.

Maybe it’s time you gave San Fran a try?

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