standard Feeling Nervous About Solo Travel?

You’re Not Alone!

There are many reasons why someone may find themselves having to look at travelling solo. It could be that they have recently split up with someone and they’re wanting to get away for a while, perhaps they are finding that all their friends are coupled up and are therefore heading off on holiday with their other half, or it could just be that they simply don’t want to have to compromise with someone else on where they go and what they do once they’re there.

The stigma that was once attached to solo travel has gone, and that has opened up the world to everyone!

Of course, not everyone wants to travel actually solo, because there is always the option of a singles’ holiday too.

Before you get a rather unwelcome image in your mind, this does not have to be a holiday with the sole aim of meeting your new lover – although if that’s what happens in the end, great! No, a singles’ holiday is literally a holiday for people who are all travelling solo, and it can forge lifelong friendships, short-term friendships, and everything in-between!

If you’re finding that you have no-one in your general circle to go on holiday with, and you don’t really want to spend a week or two on your own, why not travel abroad on a singles holiday instead?

The advantages speak for themselves, with no stigma attached. Basically, you have company for the duration of your trip, you have a guide to show you the sights, and generally speaking, all your accommodation and meals are included, although check the small print with your particular company. What does this mean? You’re free to be sociable and enjoy yourself, without having to try and find your own way around a destination, and with no need to dine alone in a restaurant, fending off strange looks from the couple at the next table – we’ve all been there, it’s not pleasant.

A singles’ holiday is basically the best of both worlds, because if you want to be alone one particular day, nobody is going to force you to be sociable, but the whole aim is to meet new, likeminded people, who you may click with and form strong bonds with for life. Of course, you might not particularly like anyone that much, but that’s fine, enjoy your time and then wave them goodbye!

Forget the stigma, and open your eyes to what a singles’ holiday could do for you.

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