standard From The River to The Trees: The World’s Quirkiest Hotels

For the seasoned traveler, staying in standard hotels can get boring and sterile – white towels, stiff sheets, recessed lighting, a continental or buffet breakfast, an overpriced mini-fridge and flocked wallpaper? Nah. How about a night in a teetering treehouse, an industrial warehouse, inside the face of a mountain or on the precarious, rickety boats that real locals sleep in for cheap? That’s right, we’re talking accommodation for the truly adventurous traveler – hotels that would make your mum despair. These are the coolest, edgiest and downright wildest hotels to spend your stay in – for travelers who can rise to a challenge!

Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort, Hawaii

This resort does exactly what it says on the tin – treehouses! And we’re not talking super-luxurious lodges that just happen to be wedged up trees, either – we’re talking authentic, down and dirty rickety wooden huts which you access via ladders. Cosy but uncluttered interiors feature double beds and washbasins, and there’s some larger, fancier treehouses on offer – if you trust them not to get collapse in the night that is. Located in the South China Sea in beautiful, ancient tamarind trees, this resort is perfect if you’re looking to be at one with nature.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

In complete contrast to the above is Propeller Island, Berlin – not, as the name suggests, a real island, this is in fact a hotel whose room themes appear to have been devised by an over-imaginative child. Sleep in a pristine white coffin in one room, or under a pile of potato sacks in the next – or for those looking for that extra secure feeling, why not try sleeping in a cage? Bathe in a giant plastic bag, sleep on a wooden log stack or try a night in the prison cell style accommodation complete with chains. It’s Berlin, why not?

The Floating Hotels of Buriganga, Dhaka

If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience and haven’t much of a budget to play with, why not spend a night on one of the floating boat hotels of Dhaka? Five such hotels can be found lining the Buriganga River, and their prices are staggeringly cheap – as little as 30 TK a night, or 80-85 for a small private cabin. Don’t expect any luxuries, but they do provide lockers for valuables – and if you booked your flight from Toronto to Dhaka, they’re nice and central, too. Once there were more than fifty lining the river, but that number has dropped since independence, so check them out before they’re gone.

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

This fairy tale-esque hotel definitely requires a bit more of your budget, but it’s got to be worth it to stay somewhere so stunning. The entire façade of this unique lodge is covered in moss and plants, so it resembles a mountain – and the rooms are no less spectacular. Buried in the middle of a biological reserve and including spa facilities and self-guided activities, this gorgeous hotel is perfect for couples or families.

So if you’re looking for a taste of real adventure, skip the Travel Lodges and hotel chains and check out one of these quirky offerings – you’re sure for a memorable stay!

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