standard Good Reasons to Have a Travel Companion

The world is an amazing place, and everyone should take the time to explore it. “Everyone” includes you, and it also includes your friends, so why not venture out together? From vacations for couples to travels with your best bud, there’s nothing quite like setting out to see the world with a person you love. For reasons both practical and priceless, a travel buddy is the first thing you should pack when planning a trip.

Divvying up the Costs

When you travel by yourself, you are restricted to renting accommodations that fit your budget. Let’s say, for example, that you can you afford $75 a night for housing. In many areas, that will get you only a cheap motel.

When you bring along a companion, your hotel budget suddenly doubles. In a place where the above-mentioned $75 procures you only a half-decent bed to flop down in for the night, $150 might afford you a much nicer hotel room. Sure, you’ll have to share the bathroom, but it’s worth it for a more comfortable bed and an overall more luxurious experience.

The same principle applies to vacation rentals. While your one-person budget might leave you renting out the couch in an occupied apartment, combining your funds with a travel buddy’s significantly expands the pool of affordable rental properties. The higher budget may get you not only a more comfortable pad with greater space, but it might also garner you a primo location, like a beachfront apartment or one right near the best breakfast cafes.

Sharing the Responsibilities

Vacation is fun; it’s relaxing; it’s wonderful. But face it: Vacation is also work. The first step in the planning process is researching your destination. After that, it’s time to solidify plans, make reservations and order tickets. When you and a companion travel together, the two of you can split the planning load. If you get stuck on a decision, consult your vacation buddy for his or her opinion.

Prepping extends to the pre-vacation packing, as well. There are some things of which one travel group simply doesn’t need two. If your partner packs an iron, you can leave yours at home, which will free up space for you to pack a few favorite card games. Plus, you can double check with each other to make sure that no one forgets anything essential. Everyone could use a “Did you pack your passport?” reminder right before a big trip.

Even on the trip, there are responsibilities to cover. For example, you might cook dinner nightly in your vacation rental. When you travel with someone else, the two of you can divide up the shopping, cooking and clean-up duties. Whether one person cooks and the other washes dishes or you switch off nights of covering all the meal prep, the fact remains: You won’t have to do it all yourself.

And besides, do you and your buddy have different skills? Play on each other’s strengths to make your trip the best it can be. If one of you is great at bargaining, let her be the one that negotiates the rate of your beach house, while the one who excels at picking up a foreign language takes the lead on talking to the locals.

Making Priceless Memories

Financial and practical reasons aside, the best reason to travel with one of your favorite people is that you’ll forge unforgettable memories and solidify your bond. When you travel together, you’ll share experiences that are exclusive to just the two of you.

You’ll always remember the time that you hiked the canyon ridge together at sunset or the time that you grabbed hands and ran at breakneck speed to catch the last bus back to your hotel. It’s one thing to share vacation photos with friends and family when you return home; it’s an entirely different–and better–thing to share memories with another person who was right there with you.

Even when the trip gets bumpy, consider it an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. Sure, you may squabble over money, and things may get tense when you get locked out of your hotel room, but talking through issues and forgiving one another will make your friendship better than ever. Sometimes a vacation provides just the fire you need to forge your relationship into one that’s absolutely unbreakable.

Besides, a vacation with one of your favorite people is almost guaranteed to have more good than bad because two are better than one. Together, you can conquer the world–maybe not in terms of domination, but at least in terms of sightseeing. Even when things go wrong, the two of you can work together to make them right.

So why wouldn’t you want to watch the sunrise over the ocean with your best friend, hold your lover’s hand as you stroll down a cobblestone lane or camp out under the stars with the companion you’ve had since childhood? There’s a great big world out there. It’s time to step out and explore it together.

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