standard Hiring Freelance Essay Writers: Women vs Men


People may think that gender does not matter when it comes to writing essays. It is doubtful that many clients look for a specific gender when they need a freelance writer. After all, this is the age of awareness against xenophobia, and sexism is right there on the list. But actually, should the client discriminate based on gender?

Well, the answer to that question is first off, no, do not discount a writer based on their gender. However, when looking for a writer for a certain niche market, then perhaps sites aimed at women, such as “Womenz World”, benefit from paying attention to hiring males for certain essays, and females for others.

When it comes to writing about an opinion regarding female products, women writers will be able to relate better to feedback on certain brands. Having personal experience in this area does matter, and it is easier for a lady who has used something on a daily basis to have an opinion regarding female products.

On the other hand, if the essay is supposed to be from an outsider’s opinion regarding the female gender, then definitely it should be written by a male. In these instances, readers want to hear about what a man thinks, not what a woman thinks a man thinks. However, this really only applies to opinionated pieces. When it comes to statistics and generalizations, then either gender would be fluent in writing this essay.

Gone are the days where gender stereotypes pervade the lives of individuals. In fact, gender has become a fluid and transitory concept now. Gender roles are being manipulated as thankfully women have also been given privy into the work world in a diversity of roles, as well as politics. Many mothers have professions such as an expert of the law, and many men specialize in being a stay at home parent. Could there be a more perfect world for advanced writers to surprise a readership with their areas of expertise, regardless of gender.

Women and men that bend these former gender roles normative are perfect to write essays on the unique male or female perspective in a certain area. They understand better than anyone else what it is like to have a certain gender identity, and yet do something daily that defies old gender roles. However, be careful with this one, because there are very few things now a days that actually are designated as female or male driven, whether an industry or a behavior. No one will be very shocked if a woman writer announces that she is highly logical and results driven. In fact, if the clients find this astonishing, then they may have to challenge their own presumptions before attempting to find a readership for the essay. Most publications would not want to be associated with such archaic notions such as the assumption that men are inherently more rational.

In conclusion, one can see that there are times when a male or a female freelance writer should be chosen over the other to write a freelance item. Just be careful to have all the p’s and q’s of identifying a writer based on gender in order. When choosing a writer to do technical writing or review style articles about female products, it might be better to choose female writers, as they probably have more experience using the products. If an outsider’s perspective is required on a certain gender, then choose the opposite gender. Also, there are times when a female should be chosen to write about juggling the office and children, as females are still newer to this arena of work-life balance than men, so they can give an insightful view to help the audience who may need tips on how to deal with life with two working parents. And the rest of the time, be careful not to discriminate based on the gender of a writer, as this is a freelance hiring mistake. Try to look at their previous work and experience and just hire the person whose writing best fits the job profile for the freelance work required. Therefore, both genders are equally talented in and have skills, the question is about which you are going to let them write, female related: prefer females; men’s relevant: prefer males; and, general topics may be written by either of a man or woman.

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