standard It’s All About the Shoes

They say that comfort is everything, and whilst that’s very true indeed, there is certainly an argument for shoes to be fashionable, enviable, and with more than a spot of pizzazz about them!

Whether you’re male or female, shoes should be a statement piece, something to compliment your outfit, add something special to what you’re wearing, but also be functional, and here’s that magic word again – comfortable.

If you’re looking for a range of shoes which give you everything you need, then check out Reef and their website full of shoes which tick all the boxes of those adjectives we mentioned in the last paragraph. Reef women’s shoes aren’t just for walking in, they’re also for fashion and upping the ante in terms of envious looks from passers-by! Reef Rover Hi Prints, a canvas shoe with a funky design to add sparkle to your outfit, are fantastic for daytime wear, and are also extremely comfortable whilst also being fashionable – what more could you want? If it’s more of a summer shoe you’re looking for, then Reef Rover leather sandals will not only look great, but they’re hard-wearing and great for staying on your feet for longer periods of time too. Sometimes it’s worthwhile investing in your shoes, in order for them to last you much, much longer.

My particular favourite shoe has to be the flip flop. Maybe this is because I’m a summer girl, and the sound they make simply reminds me of the beach and long summer days, but Reef Chakras are certainly a staple in my summer wardrobe, adding colour and design to laid-back summer outfits.

Basically, what I’m getting at is this – shoes are functional, we can’t get away from that fact, but they don’t have to be boring. Functional and comfortable doesn’t have to scream dowdy; you can easily combine something which ticks boxes for daily use with something which everyone will look at as you walk by. Don’t you want to be the guy or girl that everyone goes ‘wow check out his/her shoes?’ I know I do; call me shallow if you like, but I get a kick out of that kind of thing!

So, should shoes be fashionable? Yes!

It’s certainly all about the footwear for me.

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