standard Luxury on Land vs Luxury on the Water

Why floating hotels might just be the answer to your luxury needs

When you head off seeking rest and relaxation, opulence, and a spot of luxury, where does your mind go first? I guess many people would think about heading to a luxurious, five star hotel in a large city, or maybe a country retreat somewhere totally cut off from the world. If this is where your mind goes to first when you’re looking for luxury then you could be missing a very big trick indeed.

Have you considered heading off on a luxury river cruise?

Basically a floating five star hotel, with everything you could ever need, a luxurious river cruise means you get to see passing landscapes and destinations, all with the same level of service and comfort that you would get if you booked into one of those all singing, all dancing, five star hotels situated on dry land.

Just like cruising as a general holiday idea is becoming huge these days, compared to staying in one particular place on a break, the same goes for luxury river cruises. Check out this post about luxurious river cruise ships if you need to form a picture in your head of the kind of deal we’re talking about here; once you do, you’ll understand that these ships are luxury with a capital L.

Europe is full of rivers to explore, and they pass through breath-taking scenery as they wind away, allowing you to stop off at some magical and interesting cities and towns as you go. You can do all of this whilst being pampered as you wind your way down the Danube or the Rhine, for example, giving you a travel experience with a difference, whilst also having the most comfortable of bases.

When you compare this to a luxury break on land, there are many differences. I guess it all comes down to preference, but when you stay in one place, a city for example, yes, you can explore that city to the max and drag every last drop out of it, but you’re unlikely to be able to see absolutely everything, because you’re always going to be stuck in the tourist trap. After a while, maybe you’ll get bored, who knows? The beauty of a river cruise is that you get to see so much more, in fact you get an overview of a whole country in some cases, which is a box you certainly can’t tick if you stick with the dry land option.

A luxury river cruise ship is packed with basically everything you could ever need and want, plus a few imaginary extras too, and more often than not you’re totally connected with Wi-Fi too, so you won’t miss out on anything back home.

So, the next time you’re seeking luxury and sophistication, think about heading out onto the water for a change, and experience floating luxury at its best.

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