standard Moving Abroad is a Big Deal

We all have a dream of living near the sea, or living in that place we visited a few years ago and fell totally in love with, but how many of us actually make that dream a reality?

If you do your research, you check things out first, and listen to advice, moving abroad could be the biggest adventure of your life. South Africa is a the new boom place to move to, and with a low cost of living, beautiful surroundings, a multi-cultural environment, and wildlife to make your jaw drop, you can totally understand why moving to this stunning part of the world is a popular move to make.

If this sounds like something you’ve got your heart set on, make sure you listen to your head when it comes to the logistics of moving.

Make an informed decision

Whilst you might be all about going where you love and letting your heart lead the way, you do need to check things out and make a decision that is based on advice and solid information. Research is the way forward, be it through forums on the internet, talking to people who have done it, and looking at reliable information on the cost of living and what it is really like to live there. Going on holiday, even staying for a prolonged period of time, is totally different to moving your life to somewhere else and staying there, so you need to find reliable sources of information to base your decision on. Gumtree not only offer you property listings on a regular basis, but also give you pros and cons and comparison charts, helping you find the best place for you.

Visit the place first

Somewhere might look beautiful in pictures, but you need to get a real feel of the place before you go, to see if it feels right for you and your circumstances. Visit at least once before you decide for sure, and make it a visit of a few weeks if at all possible, to give yourself time to let the shine of a new place wear off.

Look at schools/hospitals/local amenities

If you have children then you need to look at schools and what is right for you and your family. Do some research into this and perhaps talk to other local families who have relocated there. The same can be said for doctors and hospitals, as well as more basic things like supermarkets.

Work within your budget

Before you embark on your journey, figure out your budget, make sure it’s realistic, and stick to it. You might fall in love with a property that is way of your price range, but don’t get yourself into a debt you can’t afford. Be realistic.

Get advice on the red tape

Finally, it’s important to get real advice on the red tape that comes with buying property, not only South Africa, but indeed in any country the world over, as it does vary from place to place.

If you can follow advice, stop your heart from ruling your head, and be realistic about your options, your dream of that South African home could really come true.

Photo Credit: Mary Maya Riva

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