standard Must-Have Toiletries for Your Travels

When it comes to packing for a holiday or travel adventure, deciding what you’re going to need can be a minefield. It’s all too easy to get distracted with clothes, shoes and handbags, but don’t forget the more practical things you need, such as toiletries and beauty products.

To remember what I need, I mentally run through my morning routine in my head, writing down the products I use as I go. If this all sounds like a bit too much like hard work, or you’re concerned you’re going to forget something, check out my list of must-have toiletries below, and tick them off one by one.

Toothbrush & toothpaste – sounds obvious, don’t forget your toothbrush!

Make up remover – Now, to make this easier and to multi-task a little, I tend to use baby wipes to remove make up, and they can also double up as wet wipes/hand wipes.

Moisturiser – It’s important to keep your skin hydrated when travelling, as air conditioning and harsh sun or cold conditions can zap the moisture right out of your complexion.

Shower gel – Yes, you can probably buy it wherever you’re going but we all have our favourite brands, so make sure you pack yours and you’ll be fresh and raring to go in the mornings.

Vaseline – The one and only multi-tasking solution to dry skin and all other manner of problems! Dry lips? Sorted! Shoes rubbing? Rub a bit onto the problem area. Talk about multi-functional.

Deodorant – You don’t want to be walking around in heat, thinking you’re stinking! Don’t forget your deodorant, and carry some around with you when you go out on your travels.

Shampoo & conditioner – Consider a 2 in 1 product to save space, however do remember that these aren’t going to give you the best in terms of conditioning effects, so think about also taking a sachet or two of an intense hair conditioning mask as well.

Hairspray – Hot and cold conditions play havoc with hair, and you don’t want a frizz ball as a hair do!

Sun products – Don’t forget a high SPF factor sun-cream, as well as a soothing after-sun lotion too.

Antiseptic cream – As part of your travel first aid box, an all-purpose antiseptic cream should be one of the first things you pack. If you get bitten, stung, or you end up with a cut/graze, this will be a godsend.

Eye drops – Refreshing eye drops are my definite tip for packing. Too much partying, too much travelling, too many late nights? These all add up to tired, bleary, red eyes, and a couple of drops every day will give you your sparkle back.

You could easily go on forever with toiletries to take away, but you could also end up taking too much and never using half of it! These are your essentials, the rest are just unnecessary wants!

photo credit: Samantha Steele via photopin cc

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