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Before having kids many couples take at least one or two long vacations – a honeymoon trip to the beach, a fun road trip with friends, etc.  After kids though, vacations often consist of long drives to Grandma’s or trip to Disneyland.  If you are missing those “grown-up” vacations of years past, you might want to consider a kid-free vacation next time.

Why a Kid-Free Vacation is Important

The idea of going on vacation, whether a quick weekend trip or a weeklong cruise, without your kids can seem impossible.  However, consider how important and even beneficial taking a kid-free trip could be to you, your partner, and even for your kids.

First, every parent needs time off occasionally.  Moms have the hardest jobs in the world and not taking time for yourself can leave you overworked and cranky, not the best combination for family bliss.  A kid-free trip can give you a chance to recharge, relax, and the time away from your kids will help you appreciate all the little everyday moments more.

Having kids doesn’t just cut down on your free time, it also can great effect your marriage.  Taking a kid-free vacation will give you a chance to reconnect with your partner and rekindle a romance that is hard to focus on back home with a house full of kids.

Finally, consider how your kid-free trip might positively influence your children.  Kids that are given a bit of freedom and independence grow into well-rounded, responsible adults.  Sure, you will worry about them when you are gone but not having mom to run to at every moment will give your children the chance to creatively solve their own problems and mature as individuals.

How Old is Old Enough and How Long is Too Long?

So you know how important a kid-free vacation can be for everyone but when is the right time to take a trip and how old should your kids be?  This is a question that is not easily answered and really depends on you and your children.

Some kids embrace independence and can enjoy a week at grandma’s while mom and dad are on vacation without a tear shed.  Other children have a harder time with separation and it might be better to wait until they are a little older before taking an overnight trip away from them.  In general though, by the time children are reaching the age of 7-10 or so, weekend trips can be a good option for both the sanity of parents and the independence of the children.

Deciding how long of a trip is appropriate will also depend on you and your family.  Most children can handle a weekend long trip but in other situations, as a mother, a week-long trip might just not be comfortable for you.  Your best bet is to test out and see how long is too long for your family by slowly extending your weekend trips to a few extra days or so.

No matter the length or distance, a kid-free trip can be an incredible opportunity for the whole family.  So book those cruise tickets, call in the grandparents to babysit, and enjoy your vacation.

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