standard Regular Casino or the Online Version?

What’s your take?

Most things these days can be done in two ways, and that usually boils down to either doing it in person, or doing it virtually on the internet. Think about it – you can go to the supermarket yourself and walk around with a shopping trolley, or you can sit in your arm chair at home and do your shopping online, having it delivered to your door.

Whilst there’s the old fashioned view that you should get out and be sociable, perhaps do things yourself, there’s also the easier option of having everything done for you with the touch of a button, which when you’re busy is a great way to go.

When it comes to the social elements of life, do you still agree that online is the way forward?

Many people love to go to the casino, or simply to have a flutter on a roulette game or slots. Of course, you can do this in person in an actual land-based casino, or you can sit at home and sip a coffee whilst having a little flutter on your laptop with an online casino website, such as Mansion Casino, for instance.

Where do you stand on this land-based casino versus the online version argument?

It actually does come down to personal preference at the end of the day, like most things, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Land-based casinos

I guess the major perk of going to an actual casino, with four walls, is that you’re getting out and about, you’re meeting people, and it’s a very sociable thing. All too often these days we spend too much time sat in front of TVs, laptops, or on our mobile phones, without actually speaking to people, so going to a casino in person has this advantage. The other perk is of course that if you win money, you actually have it in your hand as you walk out of the building, ready to go and spend on whatever you want; you could also argue that when you go to an actual casino you’re less likely to throw money away needlessly because you can see what you’re spending, you’re handing over cash, rather than virtual money as you would online. Basically, land-based casinos mean you have more of a handle on what you’re spending.

The downside? Well, you might not fancy going out, you might not have time, and you won’t get the same promotions and games that you would with the online version.

Online casinos

On the other hand, online casinos also have advantages and disadvantages. The perk in this situation is that you can fit a flutter in at any time of the day, so if you have half an hour going spare in the evening then you can head online and play a little. You will also get those promotions and games we were talking about earlier too, with constantly updated and new games on a regular basis.

Moving on with the disadvantages, and the biggest one is perhaps that it’s all too easy to get carried away when you can’t actually see what you’re spending. You need to set yourself a limit and stick to it in this case, and you can also say that this isn’t a very sociable activity, when you’re sat at home in front of your laptop. Online casinos can become addictive, but if you’re sensible then there’s no need to worry.

So, what’s your take on it? Land-based or online?

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