standard Save Your Cash, Travel Further!

Money has a habit of disappearing rather quickly if you don’t keep a very firm grip on it. What you think is there, is often only there for a very short time, and these days, most items are much more expensive than they ever used to be. Of course, there isn’t too much we can do about price tags, but there are many things we can do to save money, if we’re a little careful along the way.

When it comes to travel, there are many corners you can cut, if you know exactly where to look! Saving cash on your summer holiday really takes only a small amount of effort, but the rewards are certainly great.

Let’s check out a few cash savvy ways you can keep cash in your pocket, allowing you travel further, or more often.

Use Coupons and Apps

There are many coupon offers you can take advantage of if you keep your eyes open, such as kids eat free, buy one get one free, free child admission with every paying adult etc, so this is something to look out for. On top of this, apps and websites such as My Voucher Codes, are a great way to save cash here and there, which can add up to major savings.

Travel Indirect or Split Bookings

Your flight is probably going to be the most expensive part of your holiday, so if you can save some cash here, you’re onto a winner from the start. Split bookings, e.g. booking your outgoing flight separate to your return flight, can often save some cash, especially if you can use different airports for each leg. Travelling indirect can often work out cheaper too; provided this doesn’t add too much travelling time onto your day, this is something which you could look into.

Use Hand Luggage Only

Adding a suitcase onto your flight booking can be expensive, so if you’re only going away for a few days or even a week, can you take advantage of certain airlines’ generous hand luggage allowance, and buy your toiletries at the airport? You have to be ruthless with your packing, but it’s certainly not impossible!

These are just three ways you can save cash, and there are plenty more besides. It really comes down to cutting corners, and perhaps being willing to go around the houses just slightly, in order to keep cash in your pocket.

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