standard Some of the Best Family Destinations for Learning Experiences

Traveling with children offers a great opportunity for them to learn new things. Wherever you go in the world, there is always something new to explore, new foods to try, and new cultures and people to interact with. Having said this, there are some destinations thatshine that little bit brighter when it comes to providing important and enjoyableeducational opportunities. So, if you want more than just a family beach vacation this year, here’s some of the best family destinations for learning experiences:

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico

While many people see a trip to Mexico as a way to relax and chill out on the beautiful beaches, there’s far more to this vibrant country than just stunning stretches of sand. Take your kids to the heart of the Riviera Maya. Stretching for 86 miles along the Caribbean coast, you’ll still get the sun and white beaches that Mexico is famed for, but you’ll get to experience a taste of Mayan culture here too. Locals from the Mayan community will take you on guided tours through the rainforest, tell you tales of their ancestors, teach you about the medicinal plants used by their shamans, and show you the ruins of their civilization.

Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

What’s voted as ‘one of the top hundred places to see before you die’, Niagara Falls must be on everyone’s bucket list, if only to experience the sheer power of nature as the Niagara River pours over the three falls on its way to Lake Erie. With more than 4 million cubic feet of water falling every minute, it’s an experience of a lifetime that can teach your little ones so much about Mother Nature and the formation of one of its greatest spectacles. And, if you want the best view of the falls without getting wet, this amazing Fallsview Hotel guarantees that you’ll get unparalleled views from one of the world’s greatest vantage points.

Learn how to ski in the French Aips or take up cooking classes in Thailand

Many resorts offer families the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of water sports. Whether your kids would love to learn to sail, canoe or windsurf, or they’d love to learn more about underwater life by snorkelling or scuba diving, they’ll get a chance to massively broaden their horizons. And learning is not just limited to water sports; there are alwaysopportunities for education wherever you go, whether it be learning how to cook in Thailand, perfect the art of juggling in South America or taking to the Alps in France.

Meet the Masai warriors in Africa


Hiking, swimming with dolphins or watching turtles hatch are all great ways to get back to nature, but how about taking it one step further by booking a stay at a safari camp? It’s not only a fantastic way to get close to elephants, zebras, giraffes and all kinds of other African wildlife, but you’ll get to meet the people of Africa too. Finding out about the Masai, their way of life and their traditions first hand from theMasai warriors must rank as one of the best learning experiences for all ages.

Give back to the community in Hawaii

Imagine a vacation where you and your children will not only learn about the environment, but you’ll have the opportunity to give back to a local community too. The Enrich Volunteer Program allows you to do just that in Hawaii. Whether you prefer to help the staff at the National Tropical Botanical Garden by weeding and tending to the flower beds, or you’d rather help the Surfrider Foundation to clean up the glorious beaches, you’ll get to experience the real Hawaii, learn something about the environment and have a great vacation, all at the same time.

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