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standard Thailand for Families

Every year Thailand seems to attract more and more families hoping to spend their holidays relaxing on a beach, trekking through a jungle, or just experiencing a new culture.  Thailand has it all and is both very safe and very kid-friendly.  It makes for a perfect family vacation destination.  Here are our top recommendations to maximize your family’s time in this tropical paradise.

The Beaches

Thailands beaches are some of the best in the world and thankfully, many of the top beaches are within walking distance of great family-friendly resorts.  The Thai people love kids and welcome them with open arms.  At many resorts, you will find onsite babysitters, family pools where your kids’ constant cannon balls won’t be minded, and high quality “Kids Clubs” with fun activities like cooking classes and coconut painting.  For the best family vacation accommodation options and some of the nicest beaches, head to Phuket or Ko Samui.  Here’s  a quick guide to holidays in Phuket with extra focus on where to stay and when to visit.

Phuket is well known for its party scene but it also has a great family atmosphere as well.  There are lots of kid-friendly hotels to pick from, nice beaches, and plenty of other activities too.  Older kids really seem to like the nighttime Indy Market, where they can get a taste for local Thai culture.  There is also a water park, butterfly farm, and a popular canoe trip that lets you explore nearby seaside caves.

In Ko Samui, things slow down and beach paradise is easy to find.  The island always seems to make the list of top family vacation options and for good reason.  The Four Seasons here has one of Thailand’s best “Kids Clubs” with many of the other beach front resorts also catering to families.  The beaches are great with lots of calm, safe swimming options for younger kids, especially at Bo Phut or Mae Nam.

The Jungles

While you could easily pass away a whole vacation on Thailand’s gorgeous beaches, heading inland and into the jungles is an experience you and family really should not miss.  The jungles of Thailand are rich with wildlife and offer many fun kid-friendly activities.

Staying along the coast in Phuket or Ko Samui, you can get a taste for the jungle with popular day tours to elephant parks, waterfalls, butterfly farms, and wildlife rehabilitation programs like the Phuket Gibbon Project.  This is a perfect way to break up a week at the beach and a chance for your family to see another side of Thailand.

If you have the time, the real jungle adventures in Thailand are found in the north of the country.  Chiang Mai is the main city and jumping off point for many of Thailand’s best jungle activities.  Ziplining is becoming more and more popular with plenty of options for your family to try.  Jungle treks with local guides are usually fun for older kids, but younger children will probably be more satisfied with a visit to the Chiang Mai zoo, where you can see the resident giant pandas.  One of the top recommended tours and a family favorite are the elephant treks.  Not only will you get to ride an elephant, you also get a chance to learn more about these animals, learn basic commands so you can ride one independently, and even bath them after a long trek through the jungle to a hidden waterfall and swimming hole.  It is a life changing experience for any animal loving kid.

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