standard The Curse of the Early Flight

The one annoying thing about going away on holiday is when you have an early flight and you have to get up ridiculously early in the morning in order to get to check in on time. The situation does nothing for your tiredness levels, your mood, or your endeavors to get well and truly in the holiday mood.

I’m no good when I’m sleep deprived, and if I know I have to get up early, I can’t sleep at all. Because of this I had to come up with a few strategies to help me out, and the best one I found was to drive myself to the airport.

This might sound strange, but bear with me.

Think about it, if you’re heading to the airport on a coach, you will normally have a longer journey than if you drove yourself, which means you have to get up even earlier. If you go on the train, you possibly won’t find a train to suit your timing needs, which adds more stress. Driving and parking up using just ticks all the boxes, and it will probably save you money too.

The deal I recently got for airport parking certainly put a smile on my face, and made the thought of getting up early much easier to deal with!

You could of course attempt to find a flight that suits your sleep needs much better, but unfortunately we don’t have much say in when flights depart, and we just have to fit around it. I like the idea of arriving at the airport feeling fresh, rather than frazzled, so perhaps a night in an airport hotel could be a good option here, especially if you’re travelling long-haul.

Once you do arrive, I personally find it’s a good idea to keep moving. If you sit still for too long you’re more likely to nod off before your gate is even called! Go to a restaurant and have a nice meal, wander around the shops, and keep an eye on the screens to make sure you don’t miss your gate call.

There’s not a lot we can do about departure times, but making sure we’re at least half awake by the time we arrive at the check in desk will help the rest of the day run smoother. Don’t add more travelling hours onto an already long and busy day, and you should be in your resort much sooner than you realize.

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