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You don’t find many cities in the world which combine old and new in a seamless fashion. Of course, you find old quarters mingled together with modern shopping malls, or you find vibrant nightlife next door to historic monuments, and you’ll find these things in most cities the world over; what you won’t find however is a laid-back, totally chilled-out, and peaceful atmosphere, smack bang in the middle of a huge and bustling metropolis.

Having said that, you will certainly find that in Brisbane!

Going against every single tick box which a city should have, Brisbane manages to give off that laid-back surfer vibe, whilst being a business-like, bustling city at the same time. It might sound odd, but it certainly works, and then some!

The surrounding area around the city is perfect for a holiday, with many resorts to be found on the Gold Coast, as well as natural sights to enjoy; many people choose to either base themselves on one of those aforementioned resorts and travel into the city as a break, or they base themselves in the city, and head outwards from there. Whichever option you choose, you won’t struggle to find a Brisbane hotel to suit your needs, with a huge range on offer; this is a city after all.

The CBD is obviously the most business-like district in the city, and this is where you will find most daily business life going on; think high powered suits and skyscrapers and you won’t be far wrong. Aside from that however, you will also find shopping malls, many tourist sites, and cinemas in this region too. The laid back urban park is also a great escape from city life for an hour or so. This particular region however is where you need to be going if you love shopping – prepare your credit card for a little splurging!

If you prefer something a little more edgy and boho however, check out South Bank. This is where you will find a riverside boardwalk for lazy day walks, as well as an inner city beach for a spot of sunbathing and relaxation. There are many chilled out pavement cafes around here, as well as top class restaurants and museums to check out. West End is a very similar vibe too, with a thriving arts’ scene.

Of course, the surrounding area is packed with natural wonders, and probably the biggest is Mount Coot-tha. You can hire a car and enjoy a trip yourself, or you can take public transport, however a drive through the reserve is full of fantastic scenery to enjoy. When you reach the summit there is a café and restaurant to chill out in, as well at stunning views too. At the base you will find the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and a Planetarium too.

Brisbane manages to blend together many alternatives – you have quiet and busy, you have old and new, you have laid-back and frenetic, and you have modern and scenic. If you’re looking for something to suit everyone, a little bit of everything, if you will, then Brisbane is for you.

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