standard Think Celebrities Don’t Play Video Games?

Think Again!

Video games are big business these days; companies rake in billions of dollars every year on the biggest sellers, making this one of the biggest industries on the planet. It’s no surprise when you think about it, we love to spend our time disappearing into another world, or perhaps aiming to win a little extra cash via online gaming. If you can enjoy your hobby and line your pocket at the same time, what’s the harm? Sites such as M88 are a great way to do just that, and you can mix and match your time between cash-enhancing casino games, and run of the mill console video games.

It’s a wonder anyone has any time to work!

Of course, we know that video games these days are much like blockbuster films, with graphics and added extras to grab the attention. Every single large film which comes out at the cinema generally has a video game attached to it, where fans can create their own reality based on how they play. It’s not just us mere mortals who love a few games on the Xbox, PlayStation or Wii however, as celebrities are getting in on the action too!

Despite their busy schedules, certain celebs have spoken out about their extreme love of video gaming, some of which you might never thought of. It’s quite interesting to realise that these celebrities are in fact human like the rest of us, and do enjoy getting involved in a game or two!

Mila Kunis, Hollywood star, has spoken out about her love of World of Warcraft in the past, and now admits to enjoying Call of Duty as well. Similarly, Megan Fox loves Halo and Mortal Kombat, enjoying a few hours on Xbox Live from time to time, when her schedule allows, of course!

James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, is seriously into Halo and Guitar Hero, which has in the past caused a few problems with his relationships, getting a little too addicted! Vin Diesel admits to being extremely in love with World of Warcraft, making this is a very popular choice amongst the celebs and general public, and big Snoop Dogg has even created his own game, Way of the Dog, whilst also doing a voice-over for Call of Duty: Ghosts, admitting that he himself loves the video gaming world.

There are countless more celebrities who are just as into video games as we are, however you might not have realised that these particular few enjoyed such things. Could you imagine Daniel Craig finding the time to play a few tunes on Guitar Hero? Well, he does! And Mila Kunis, shooting them up on Call of Duty?

It just goes to show that video gaming really is huge business.

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