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standard Thinking of Moving to Sydney?

Sometimes we all need a change, and often that involves moving overseas to somewhere different, to experience a different way of life and a total change to our normal routine. One of the most popular places to relocate to is Australia, and Sydney is probably the first choice that pops into most people’s minds.

Despite that, there is obviously going to be a worry factor, because after all, how do you know where the best places are? How do you know if you’re moving to the right area? How will you pick the right place in terms of getting around? Well, consider this a brief guide to the main interest points of moving to Sydney.

Where to live

Like all cities, Sydney is made up of suburbs, and quite a few at that. We’re talking about a huge city here, spanning over 425 square miles, and a hell of a lot of people living in it! If you manage to bag yourself a job in the city centre, then you’re going to benefit from living close to work, and in that case The Rocks is a good choice. Here you’ll find great nightlife and the best restaurants in the city. Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay are also good choices for the same reasons, and has large communities of young people. If you’re wanting to be a surfer chick and make the most of living close to the ocean, then Coogee and Cronulla are good choices, and you’ll find plenty of students and backpackers here, with just a 30 minutes’ commute into the city centre. Surry Hill and Paddington might also be choices to consider, with good entertainment options and good bus network links, including those which run late at night.

Getting around

Obviously you’re not going to choose somewhere to live which is countless miles away from where you’re going to be spending most of your time. There are good public transport links throughout the city, which makes it very easy to get around, however this doesn’t offer you a huge amount of freedom as you’re bound by a transport timetable. A small car is a good option, which also enables you to get out and see more of the surrounding area, which incidentally is breathtaking. Ford are a popular choice for small run-around cars, and you can click here to check out the range. A zippy little number will certainly enhance your Sydney experience and open up your options.


If you’re wanting a spot of retail therapy after a long week at work then you’re going to be spoilt for choice! Obviously the city centre is going to be where you’ll find huge high street names, but Pitt Street Mall is THE place to go. This is one of the busiest shopping areas on the planet and you’ll find international stores, as well as more local ones too. You will also find the Westfield Sydney Shopping Mall here. If you prefer to check out smaller markets, then Sydney has plenty of those, with The Rocks Market and Paddington Markets two of the most popular. For more bohemian goods, head to Bondi Market.


And finally we have the numerous options for evening entertainment. It’s not all sipping cocktails a la Sex in the City, however if that floats your boat then head to The Rocks and one of the countless bars, where you can do just that! Kings Cross is one of the main clubbing areas in the city, however do be careful where you go as this area is also known for its strip joints! Put simply you won’t struggle to find somewhere for your evening’s entertainment no matter where you go, and it ranges from cafes, beachside pubs, restaurants, bars, lounge music establishments, and big named clubs.

Sydney’s city lifestyle is certainly varied, but coupled together with a seriously laid-back vibe, which makes it one of the world’s greatest cities to live in.

Photo Credit: szeke via photopin cc

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