standard Time to Book a Holiday to the Seychelles!

Dreaming of visiting paradise?

Everyone’s idea of paradise is different; for one person it could be a rugged landscape full of hiking opportunities in the clouds, and for another person it could be about sparkling beaches and total tranquillity. If your idea of paradise is more in the camp of the latter, then the Seychelles is one destination you should certainly be turning your attention to.

A holiday in the Seychelles is about much more than kicking back and relaxing, although if that’s what you’re aiming to do then you’re more than catered for. Beaches which look like they came out of a castaway advert, pure white sand to sink your feet into, crystal clear waters, an abundance of colourful and diverse marine-life, fragrant flora, and a laid-back vibe – these are all things which greet you instantly when you arrive in this slice of paradise, and what’s more, you have a choice of countless islands to choose from.

If you’re not a fan of rain then it’s best to avoid January and February, because this is when most of the wet stuff falls on these paradise islands. Generally the temperature never strays out of the 24-34°C range, and you can expect wall to wall sunshine, but if you like things a little more pleasant temperature-wise, then May to September are wonderful months to visit.

Praslin is probably the most popular of the Seychelles, full of beautiful hidden coves, sandy beaches, and the most famous beach of all – Anse Lazio. This is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, with very good reason. You’re basically looking at paradise with a capital P here. Alternatively, Mahe is the largest of the Seychelles, with a vibrant capital city, Victoria, and the stunning Morne Seychellois National Park, with its mountain views and local wildlife to visit.

For something totally cut off from the world, try La Digue. This is where you can get active out in the countryside, explore beaches and coves, and enjoy the traditional, slow pace of life. It doesn’t hurt that the scenery is simply breathtaking.

Of course, you could island hop if you don’t want to have to pick just one slice of paradise, and sample several different slices instead.

The Seychelles aren’t going to be the cheapest holiday you’ve ever been on, let’s be honest, but quality like this is worth paying for. Despite that, prices have fallen over recent years, and whether you visit as part of your honeymoon, an exploration, or simply a holiday to enjoy total and utter R & R, there is no better destination than the Seychelles.

Photo Credit: Didier Baertschiger

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