standard Tired of The Sun? Why Not Try Snow?

Sunshine beach holidays are all very well and good, and they are a true rest and relaxation getaway for many of us, but don’t you find that after a while they get a little bit, well, samey?

Of course, beaches are stunning, and the destinations we visit in order to see them are pretty epic too, but there is something truly mind-blowing about alpine mountain scenery, and to truly experience it in its closest form, you should ski!

Skiing holidays have always been popular, but they are enjoying a resurgence, with Canada being one of the frontrunners in terms of location. It’s no wonder when you picture the scenery, with the Rocky Mountains proving to be one of the most magical and wondrous sites you will ever set your eyes on.

Why not pack your skis and head to Canada on a twin-centre break, meaning you can enjoy time in a large city, such as Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal, before heading off to enjoy your ski or snowboarding retreat. Whistler is iconic, and somewhere that most people have heard of, even those with not much interest in anything snowy! Whistler is only around two hours from Vancouver, located in the imposing Coastal Mountain Range. This is one of the best ski resorts in the country, if not the continent, and is fantastic for après ski as well, making it a real all-rounder resort. There is also a ski run for every ability, so you can easily learn your new hobby here!

Ski Banff is another resort area which is popular, especially with families. This is set in those iconic Rocky Mountains, offering some of the best scenery around. Choose from three different resorts – Mount Norquay, Lake Louise, or Sunshine Village, before heading to Banff town for a break from the shoop-shoop action! The terrain in this particular area is mixed, which again is great for all abilities. Families will enjoy the range of activities on offer for children, especially in terms of entertainment, and accommodation options are plentiful and affordable to boot.

If you’re getting bored of sunshine beach breaks, and you’re searching for something a little different, Canada alone should be somewhere on your short-list. If you can throw in some alpine scenery and high octane fun at the same time, surely it’s a no-brainer? There are many more resorts to choose from aside from the two we have mentioned, all equally as stunning and varied, and with costs lower than ever before, this winter could be your chance!

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