standard Top 5 Reasons a Luxury Safari is Perfect For You

Africa can be a daunting place if you’ve never been before, but it’s certainly one that everyone should try and visit at least once. Luxury safaris take you out into the wilderness, into pristine areas which are full of wildlife and not another soul in sight. If you find a good tour operator they will be able to guide you through the luxury safari booking process in both an enjoyable and seamless way – pick one who has been to all of the safari camps and lodges and so can help you to pinpoint which is for you. Here are our five reasons safaris are the perfect choice for solo ladies:

1 The Africans Themselves


Every single lodge and camp in Africa heavily supports it’s local community – most of the staff will be local tribesmen and women. You will meet some of the most welcoming and charismatic men and women anywhere in the world and will be welcomed into the camp family with open arms.

2 Small and Intimate Luxury Safari Camps


All of the luxury safari camps tend to be very small, this means that meals are eaten together and the camp hosts and managers make sure everyone is looked after throughout. You really do become one team after a couple of days together and drinks round the campfire swapping stories are a highlight.

3 Game Viewing


The wildlife viewing in Africa is so extraordinary, and what you’ll see every day so extraordinary that there’s never a lack of conversation round the dinner table – even the shyest most retiring of guest will be able to listen or chat contentedly about what they saw that day. Game viewing usually takes place in shared luxury game drive vehicles too, so you’re always with like minded people – unless you book a private guide.

4 Stunning rooms and suites


You will either be staying in a luxury lodge, who’s rooms no doubt will amaze – usually they’re enormous and very elegantly decorated – OR you will be staying in a tented camp, which are also very luxurious and quite unique to the African bush. Some of the tented camps are actually more luxurious than the lodges believe or not!

5 The Vistas


Africa is famous for it’s vast open rolling plains, often dotted with plains game and predators, or with elephants walking along the horizon – in short this continent really is quite spectacular and should not be missed out on, it will change your life.

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