standard Two Week Itinerary for a Summer Trip to Italy  

A summer vacation to Italy sounds like heaven, that is until you try and figure out what you should see and do in a country packed with so many amazing sites and cities.  Two weeks in Italy can seem long but even with a well planned trip, you will only just be scratching the surface.  Embrace that though and you’ll find your two weeks filled with history, romance, and of course great food.  Our recommended highlights for a two week summer tour of italy are listed below.


All roads lead to Rome and for most travelers, this city at the heart of the ancient Roman empire remains the center of any visit.  You absolutely must give yourself at least 2 days in Rome and even with that, expect to be worn out and tired from full days of sightseeing.

On your first day, make sure you enjoy a coffee at a local cafe before even attempting to see the city.  Trust me, you will be thankful for the caffeine.  If you are interested in Roman history, spend your first day in the ancient Rome.  You can start at the Imperial Forums, walk to the Colosseum, stop to see the Roman Forums and the Palatine Hill, before detouring north to the Domus Aurea.

A second day in Rome would give you time to see the religious highlights of the city.  Head to Vatican City and spend your morning seeing St. Peter’s Basilica before grabbing lunch and tackling the vast and impressive Vatican Museums.  Don’t miss the restored Sistine Chapel and if you have time, the Castel Sant’Angelo.

South to Naples, Pompeii, & Amalfi Coast

From Rome, head south to Naples and enjoy the birthplace of pizza.  Besides grabbing a slice or two, the city also has many great museums.  After a day or so in Naples, continue on to the ancient ruined city of Pompeii.  This incredible archaeological wonder deserves at least a long afternoon visit before continuing south to the Amalfi Coast.  After the whirlwind touring in Rome, a day or two of relaxing here is a great option before heading back up north.


As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence, like Rome, could easily take months to explore.  Thankfully, a few days here will let you see the top artistic, cultural, and architectural highlights.

As one of the world’s most famous fine art museums, Uffizi is a must visit.  Also consider some of the city’s small museums or if you have less time, head straight to the gorgeous Duomo di Firenze.  A second day of highlights should include Michelangelo’s David, the Pitti Palace, and the Boboli Gardens.


If you are hoping to find a bit of romance on your Italy vacation, you must visit Venice.  This city brings out the love in people, whether they are romantically involved or not.  From gondola rides down the canals to wandering the alleys of the city, Venice is just as much about falling in love with the everyday magic of this city as it is about seeing the highlights.

Many visitors only give Venice a day, leaving before sunset, but if you can manage a night here, you won’t be sorry.  Enjoy the peacefulness of Piazza San Marco once the day-trippers have left, the boat traffic of the Grand Canal, and dinner at one of the city’s osterias.

Photo Credit: wrenoud via photopin cc

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