standard Why the Internet is Not Just About the Information Super-Highway

What did we do before we had access to the Internet 24/7? It’s a scary prospect to think about, because let’s face it, how many times a day do you check your Facebook account on your phone? How many times do you check your emails? How many times do you tweet about something you’ve just seen in the street?

I came upon this realisation when I was recently without Internet access, and I found myself in a perpetual state of panic, thinking I was missing out on something, totally cut off and unconnected from the world and what was happening in it. It’s quite sad to think that six hours without Facebook ruined my day quite so much.

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The truth of the matter however is that we need the Internet these days for so many things, so we can either embrace that fact, bearing in mind the realisation that we really should be doing something better with our time, like talking to each other perhaps, or we can shun it, and actually miss out on the perks the World Wide Web offers us.


Back in the day we used to rely on text books and libraries to help us with our studies, yet these days the younger generation has a plethora of information right at their fingertips. This has major advantages for education, meaning you can find out almost anything by simply Googling it, within seconds.


Feeling bored of an evening? Simply head online and entertain yourself to the max. Games, TV, YouTube, whatever you feel like, you can find. Online casino has become massively popular over the last year or so, meaning you don’t even have to leave the house if you fancy playing a few online games for potential cash, with sites such as William Hill, for example.

If you want to spend your downtime watching dancing cats on YouTube, you can do just that, and if you want to download a few books onto your Kindle to waste some time, not a problem. The Internet is entertainment gold.


I’ll be the first to admit that social media has its downsides, but it also has major perks too. Staying connected with people who you’re not in contact with regularly, perhaps living in different towns or even different countries, is made countless times easier by sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Addictive these sites may be, and yes, sometimes they have been to blame for the break-up of many a relationship, but they also have massive advantages in getting the word out about important causes, keeping people firmly in touch, and also for businesses to promote their products and services. What would we do without Facebook nowadays?


Online shopping has major perks for me when Christmas comes around. I do not enjoy pounding the streets looking for gifts when everyone else is doing the same, so sitting down with my laptop and buying everything online, then simply waiting for it to come to me, is the best possible solution. It’s not just Christmas either, because doing your food shopping has become infinitely easier with online sites and delivery. No need to give yourself a headache whilst looking for your weekly food shopping, and no need to succumb to impulse buys because you’re starving hungry and had to call into the supermarket on your way back from work to do your big shop.

The Internet might have its haters, but there’s no way you can ignore the way it has progressed our lives in positive ways too.

Now, see if you can turn your Wi-Fi off for a day and survive – I couldn’t!

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