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standard Would you go on a Cosmetic Surgery Holiday?

Home or Abroad?

When you think about travelling to a different country, you tend to think towards seeing the sights, enjoying the food, maybe doing a spot of shopping, and basically having a good time. With that in mind, why are so many people jetting off to different counties to have cosmetic surgery procedures?

You can have cosmetic surgery in most countries in the world, however some are more strictly regulated than others. It’s always important to do your research, not only into the country you’re going to and their laws and restrictions on such procedures, including health and safety, but also to do in-depth research into the clinic you’re intending to go to. Don’t just assume that standards are the same as what you’re used to back home.

Some of the most popular destinations for such a ‘holiday’ are usually in the Far East, with Thailand a popular spot, including surgery in Bangkok and a relaxing beach break afterwards, or maybe Malaysia would be your choice instead. You might have seen in the news about Korea and its major boom in cosmetic surgery, with young girls even asking for procedures for their graduation present from their families.

Whether you think this has gone too far or not is a personal opinion, however there’s no denying it is a very real trend in the world these days.

If you’re thinking of having a cosmetic procedure, think very carefully about where you go to have this done. If there is a problem afterwards and you’re in a foreign country, you don’t speak the language or know the health system, would you feel confident and comfortable seeking help? Maybe this is why there is such an ‘on the fence’ mind-set towards cosmetic surgery holidays, and why despite the fact that they are increasingly popular, most people do tend to stick to having their procedures done at home.

We can’t ignore the cost element, and perhaps this is a reason why such breaks have become more popular over recent years. Korea’s cosmetic surgery industry is booming, in fact you can’t walk down the street in the major cities without seeing billboard advertisements for clinics offering a wide-range of procedures. Costs are lower in places such as this, and even with the added expense of a flight and somewhere to stay, they sometimes can come up cheaper than a procedure back home.

Is this a risk you would take? There’s no denying that having such an invasive procedure away from your familiar surroundings is a risk, and it’s one that you should never take lightly.

Research is the way forward, before deciding with a very clear head in either direction.

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