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standard Solo in Spain

The prospect of being away from home and exploring a strange land is daunting. At the same time, though, it’s also an adventure. Touring round a land with a varied culture, such as if you were on a holiday in […]

Solo Travel

standard The Ups and Downs of Solo Female Travel

Traveling alone as a girl has a lot of perks to it – and of course, a lot of disadvantages too. Gender stereotypes are alive and will hang around for centuries ahead. Women are generally viewed as physically weak, victimized […]

Best Country

standard Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

This title is self-explanatory: here are our top 5 countries for solo female travelers. To be fair, I tried to include countries from different parts of the world, religions and traditions. These picks are based not only on safety criteria, […]

packing list

standard Solo Female Travel Packing List

Solo female traveling has existed longer that you may think, but in older times brave ladies (such as Catalina de Erauso, or Isabelle Eberhardt had to dress up in men’s clothing in order to be independent and have all […]

Worst Country for solo Female

standard Worst Countries for Solo Female Travel

This title is self-explanatory: here are our bottom 5 countries to be a solo female traveller. To be fair, I tried to exclude from the list all countries that are not safe for either male or female travelers (such as […]

Family & Mom Travel

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standard Thailand for Families

Every year Thailand seems to attract more and more families hoping to spend their holidays relaxing on a beach, trekking through a jungle, or just experiencing a new culture.  Thailand has it all and is both very safe and very […]


standard Planning a Kid-Free Trip  

Before having kids many couples take at least one or two long vacations – a honeymoon trip to the beach, a fun road trip with friends, etc.  After kids though, vacations often consist of long drives to Grandma’s or trip […]

Travelling Mom

standard 10 Best Travelling Mom Blogs

For many people the idea of traveling with kids, long-term, internationally, or even just for a weeklong vacation sounds impossible. We imagine screaming babies, crying toddlers, moody teens and a family vacation ruined. In reality though, traveling with your kids […]

Inspiring Travelers


standard The Wonder of the Grand Canyon

If you’re under the rather false impression that the Grand Canyon is simply a rather large hole in the floor then you’re risking missing out on one of the world’s most stunningly beautiful landscapes. They don’t call it one of […]


standard The Ultimate City Break: Dubrovnik

Whether you’re looking to plan a romantic getaway with your spouse, a girly group vacation with your friends or a solo journey in search of relaxation, Dubrovnik in Croatia is a beautiful part of the world that is definitely worth considering. Just […]


standard A Country of Mystery and Intrigue  

Sometimes heading away somewhere different is what we all need. All too often we head off to the same, well-trodden places, and whilst those places are popular for a reason, we’re missing out on some of the most amazing sights […]

Career on the Road

standard 5 Careers You Can Do On the Road

So many people confine their travels to the one or two weeks of vacation time they get each year.  These people hear about long-term or full-time travelers and figure they must have inherited a bunch of money or something.  Truth […]


standard Volunteering Abroad

Traveling can be an eye-opening experience for many people. Seeing first hand extreme poverty can leave you with a strong desire to do something, to make the world a better place. Take a look at how many international volunteer programs […]

Trip Ideas


standard It’s All About the Shoes

They say that comfort is everything, and whilst that’s very true indeed, there is certainly an argument for shoes to be fashionable, enviable, and with more than a spot of pizzazz about them! Whether you’re male or female, shoes should […]


standard Time to Book a Holiday to the Seychelles!

Dreaming of visiting paradise? Everyone’s idea of paradise is different; for one person it could be a rugged landscape full of hiking opportunities in the clouds, and for another person it could be about sparkling beaches and total tranquillity. If […]


standard Best Iconic American Road Trips

The American road trip is a cultural rite of passage that symbolises freedom and carefree adventure. With a country as large as the United States to explore, there are plenty of routes to choose from with each journey boasting a […]


standard Luxury on Land vs Luxury on the Water

Why floating hotels might just be the answer to your luxury needs When you head off seeking rest and relaxation, opulence, and a spot of luxury, where does your mind go first? I guess many people would think about heading […]


standard Top tips for Getting a Cosmetic Treatment Abroad

An increasing number of women are travelling abroad to get cosmetic treatments, from Botox to liposuction. Lured by the combination of low prices and exotic destinations, getting a cosmetic treatment on holiday allows you to return home with a more […]


standard Top must-have Camping Gear you can Buy Used

Money saved is money in your pocket! Camping, especially in great weather countries like South Africa, can be a wonderful natural experience. If you have given adequate thought to ensuring you have the right equipment with you, which need not […]

Trip Planning


standard Are you Heading off to Orlando soon?

You’d better get planning! You might think that a holiday shouldn’t really have too much planning attached to it, and that you should simply be able to fly by the seat of your pants and go with the flow. There […]


standard The Curse of the Early Flight

The one annoying thing about going away on holiday is when you have an early flight and you have to get up ridiculously early in the morning in order to get to check in on time. The situation does nothing […]


standard Must-Have Toiletries for Your Travels

When it comes to packing for a holiday or travel adventure, deciding what you’re going to need can be a minefield. It’s all too easy to get distracted with clothes, shoes and handbags, but don’t forget the more practical things […]

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standard Eco-Travel Tips

Travel can be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening experiences of your life. Seeing the world and how other people live helps build compassion and understanding for all the different cultures and environments of our planet. Unfortunately, travel can […]


standard Tips for Planning a Summer Vacation

Summer is a time for relaxation, days playing in the sun, and family vacations. Whether you are planning a vacation for a big family reunion or figuring out your solo summer road trip plans, organizing all the details that go […]

Travel App

standard 10 Best Travel Apps

When it comes to the most important item you can pack for a vacation, your smartphone tops the list. What started as a way to contact people back home has now become an all-in-one travel companion offering up a camera, […]