Solo Female Travel

standard Solo Female Travel Packing List

Solo female traveling has existed longer that you may think, but in older times brave ladies (such as Catalina de Erauso, or Isabelle Eberhardt had to dress up in men’s clothing in order to be independent and have all […]

standard Solo in Spain

The prospect of being away from home and exploring a strange land is daunting. At the same time, though, it’s also an adventure. Touring round a land with a varied culture, such as if you were on a holiday in […]

standard The Ups and Downs of Solo Female Travel

Traveling alone as a girl has a lot of perks to it – and of course, a lot of disadvantages too. Gender stereotypes are alive and will hang around for centuries ahead. Women are generally viewed as physically weak, victimized […]

standard Best Countries for Solo Female Travel

This title is self-explanatory: here are our top 5 countries for solo female travelers. To be fair, I tried to include countries from different parts of the world, religions and traditions. These picks are based not only on safety criteria, […]

Family & Mom Travel

standard Thailand for Families

Every year Thailand seems to attract more and more families hoping to spend their holidays relaxing on a beach, trekking through a jungle, or just experiencing a new culture.  Thailand has it all and is both very safe and very […]

standard Planning a Kid-Free Trip  

Before having kids many couples take at least one or two long vacations – a honeymoon trip to the beach, a fun road trip with friends, etc.  After kids though, vacations often consist of long drives to Grandma’s or trip […]

standard 10 Best Travelling Mom Blogs

For many people the idea of traveling with kids, long-term, internationally, or even just for a weeklong vacation sounds impossible. We imagine screaming babies, crying toddlers, moody teens and a family vacation ruined. In reality though, traveling with your kids […]

Inspiring Travelers

standard As Fashions Change, so do Our Glasses

It used to be the way that if you wore glasses on a permanent basis, or even a semi-permanent basis, there wasn’t a lot in the way of fashion to choose from. You either went for the thicker, black rimmed […]

standard 5 great Hen Party holiday ideas

In need of some inspiring hen party ideas to turn your girly break away into a holiday, you’ll never forget? We’ve found five of the best. Boat Party Beach by day, ocean by night? What better way to spend an […]

standard Feeling Nervous About Solo Travel?

You’re Not Alone! There are many reasons why someone may find themselves having to look at travelling solo. It could be that they have recently split up with someone and they’re wanting to get away for a while, perhaps they […]

standard Inspiring Travel Destinations for Disabled Adventurers

If you’re disabled or traveling with a disabled family member, venturing far afield can sometimes be quite daunting. What with many of the best holiday destinations being created hundreds of years ago they tend to lack lifts, smooth surfaces and […]

standard Tips for Flying Long Haul with Kids

There are few things a parent dreads more than a long haul flight. They know that keeping their kids calm, happy, and out of trouble for hour upon hour is going to be a serious struggle. As a matter of […]

standard Cut Costs, Travel Further

There’s no denying that the world is smaller these days, thanks to airlines heading to every corner of the globe. This is great news for those of us who love to travel, those of us who want to see different […]

Trip Ideas

standard A City Fit For a King

Spain is certainly not just a country of beach resorts, and it’s certainly not all about Barcelona; all too often we focus on the holiday hotspots, but we tend to overlook some of the other important stuff, namely the capital […]

standard How to Earn Cash Whilst on Vacation

If you’re venturing off on a longer vacation, you might be worried about how you’re going to keep your cash flow flowing, without running short and having to come home a little earlier than you imagined. You can only save […]

standard A Broadway Treat

A Broadway show is certainly a treat, and the great news is that it is now easier than ever before to find tickets and head off to your favourite show, giving your trip to the Big Apple a more exciting […]

standard A Crazy Holiday to Remember

If you are looking for a destination which will leave you in no doubt that you had a blast, it has to be Las Vegas. Aside from that realisation, you will also probably need another holiday afterwards in order to […]

standard Exploration San Francisco

There are few cities in the world which are diverse, iconic, and laid-back as San Francisco, and it is this fact alone which makes it one of the most visited. Of course, there are many other reasons too, including some […]

standard The Perfect Outdoor Blend

If you are looking for the perfect holiday destination which encompasses outdoor fun, scenic landscapes, and plenty to see and do, then the Forest of Dean could certainly be for you. This large and beautiful area sits in western England, […]

Trip Planning

standard Save Your Cash, Travel Further!

Money has a habit of disappearing rather quickly if you don’t keep a very firm grip on it. What you think is there, is often only there for a very short time, and these days, most items are much more […]

standard 4 Useful Tips for Good Medication Management

Get the most benefits from your medicines by taking them precisely as prescribed by your physician. If you are taking medications to cure an illness or for your health maintenance, then it is best to take them at the right […]

standard Are you Heading off to Orlando soon?

You’d better get planning! You might think that a holiday shouldn’t really have too much planning attached to it, and that you should simply be able to fly by the seat of your pants and go with the flow. There […]

standard Moving Abroad is a Big Deal

We all have a dream of living near the sea, or living in that place we visited a few years ago and fell totally in love with, but how many of us actually make that dream a reality? If you […]

standard The Curse of the Early Flight

The one annoying thing about going away on holiday is when you have an early flight and you have to get up ridiculously early in the morning in order to get to check in on time. The situation does nothing […]