Tengah EC Located at Tengah Garden Walk at Tengah Town

Tengah EC Located at Tengah Garden Walk at Tengah Town

Tengah EC is a residential community consisting of more than 400 apartments and condominiums JCube Condo strategically built to suit the lifestyle needs of the residents. With its attractive location at a very close proximity to the major business districts of Jurong East and Bukit Baok, Tengah EC is fast developing into one of the best communities to live in Singapore. The property is fully furnished and comes with an assortment of facilities like an on-site fitness club, a swimming pool, a spa, a basketball court, a mini-concert hall, a restaurant, a Chinese language school and a shopping centre.

Tengah EC is a new executive condominium located right in the middle of Tengah Garden Walk situated at the new Tengah Town. The executive condominium is set in one of the finest newly developed old town areas in Singapore which features eco-friendly features and modern, smart features in the brand new Master Plan by the urban redevelopment authority (URA). In coming years, the community will experience rapid growth and expansion bringing a large number of permanent residents and permanent job seekers to the area.

The mixed residential community at Tengah Town was designed by architects. The community is made up of apartments and condos with various amenities such as a fitness centre, a Singapore botanical garden, a Chinese language school and a small shopping centre. The recreational facilities include a water park and a sky diving centre, a golf course, and a miniature railway.

Tengah EC is serviced by four major public transport stations namely, MRT, underground walkway buses, silver rail, and monorail. Tengah City Centre, an office building is also located at this corner of the Central Business District (CBD), serving as the hub of commercial activities in the vicinity. The Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) which uses an electric conveyor system called the Pneumatic Waste Conveyor System or the PWC is being used here. It transports the trash and other industrial wastes to the landfill sites. Other major modes of public transport used by the residents here are the bus service and minibus services.

The residents of Tengah Town are being exposed to some environmentally friendly concepts such as solar heating and energy collection and pre-filtration. The residents of Tengah have also installed car-lite town greenhouses as a part of their environmental awareness program. This is because car-lite is a form of compressed limestone that when heated or cooled will produce electricity. The greenhouses produce oxygen by absorbing solar heat and filtering out gases and polluting the atmosphere with clean air.

This initiative was initiated by Tengah Master Plan and now the focus is on the implementation of the project. The scorecard analysis shows that this is working so far, with five projects having already received government approval. These include the construction of the Resource Recovery Park and the establishment of a waste collection centre at the Alabang area. This initiative will give value to the resale flats and the development of the town. This is an important step in making the residents of Tengah environmentally conscious.

Apart from the government support, there are also private entities that have joined forces to help develop the environment in Tengah. There are developers who have taken on the responsibility of developing the various green features like the wind turbine and solar heating systems. These projects are yielding positive results for the residents and visitors of Tengah. One of these developments is the opening of a water conservancy centre at Tengah EC. The residents are being asked to help in maintaining the pond by harvesting fish daily. The residents of Tengah will be kept entertained by the live bands playing traditional Chinese music as they enjoy the fresh and airy atmosphere in the new homes and offices of the smart sustainable town.

The residents of Tengah EC will also benefit from the greener environment as the timber industry of Singapore gradually emerges as one of the major contributors to the eco-friendly initiatives in Singapore. This is an excellent opportunity for those living in Tengah to protect their forest and sustain its ecological functions for years to come. With the green features of Tengah Town and the presence of Singapore’s Real Estate Management Corporation, the town residents can be rest assured that they will not have to struggle much to preserve the forest. Environmentally conscious people must get in touch with this company which deals in Real Estate and environment friendly developments in Singapore.

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