Yishun EC Located at Northpoint City and Yishun Bus Interchange

Yishun EC Located at Northpoint City and Yishun Bus Interchange

Yishun EC is among the newest residential communities in the country. Yishun EC developer is Sing Holding Realty Corporation, which also developed Yishun City Shopping Centre. Yishun EC was designed by Yishun Group of Companies, which includes managing director Paul Yishun, assistant managing director Paul Yishun and chief executive officer Peter Yishun. The project was approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Yishun EC was formally launched in October last year. Yishun EC is very popular among the urban dwellers because it offers proximity to the business districts and has easy access to the airport and the rail network. Sing Holding is one of the real estate giants active in the Kuala Lumpur market.

Yishun EC promises great living experience to the residents, with ample of shopping malls, entertainment facilities and proximity many shopping centres in Yishun. The community club is located in the northern part of the town and is a mere five-minute walk from the MRT station and the airport. With expected completion within the next year, it will boast of open air facility at ground level at the Yishun EC building, a fully furnished shop on the second floor, a cinema room and multiplexes. This shopping mall features names like Max & Epsilon, AMC Supermarkets, Max & Usa and BCM Cinemas.

The Yishun EC Plaza is constructed under an urban platform and is adjacent to the Yishun MRT station. It provides easy access to the shopping district and the whole city centre. There are several stores, cafes, eateries and other amenities located here, under one roof. It is the second public library in the area, and is yet another splendid example of contemporary Chinese architecture.

The Yishun EC’s design award comes as recognition to the building’s exemplary architecture, exemplary landscaping and eminent interior design. The central plaza, designed by prominent local artist Han Hong Soon, features a trio of sky scrapers, giving the overall effect of three large stories in one. The structure, styled in such a way that it flows into the adjacent Yishun MBT shopping complex at the rear, effectively connects the two areas. The overall effect is highly breath taking.

The Yishun EC was constructing to remedy issues such as lack of space for retail shops, inadequate road network and inadequate public transport facilities. The result is that the area has a completely modern and up to date atmosphere, devoid of the colonial elements that characterized much of the old commercial areas in Malaysia. The design award pins on the Yishun EC for its exemplary execution, creative use of space, its exemplary interior design and exemplary branding. Yishun EC indeed delivers.

The interior design of Yishun EC draws from many sources to deliver a unique experience. For starters, the venue features an extensive collection of artworks that is made available for patrons on payment of admission. A special feature of this is that anyone can easily find something they will like, irrespective of the size of the art gallery or the type of art that they are looking for. The Signature Gallery is one such example. The Signature Gallery is designed to house original artworks of Malaysian artists, and showcase work from small and large Marina Gardens Condo galleries as well as private artists. One can also view a host of special exhibitions, including one of the Southeast Asia’s largest annual art show, the Art and Light exhibition.

The Yishun EC shopping centre is equipped with a fully equipped range of hotels, restaurants and bars, and offers convenient and luxurious facilities to patrons. Amongst all the services offered at the Yishun EC, the best is the complimentary Wi-Fi internet access facility provided by its partner, SingNet. The SingNet wireless broadband network offers free wi-fi internet access. Visitors can check their email, surf the internet or simply purchase any products online, all without leaving the property.

When one decides to visit the Yishun EC, there are a host of attractions available to make the stay comfortable and memorable. In addition to the free wi-fi internet service, the Signature Gallery features works of both local and international artists. Orchid Country Club is located just two minutes walk away from the centre. With its luxurious surroundings and its range of exclusive dining establishments, the Orchid Country Club is the perfect location to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Yishun EC.

The Yishun Shopping Centre is Singapore’s biggest mall. It houses almost two hundred shops, restaurants, hotels and offices. The mall has the world’s largest indoor mall with five hundred and fifty shops, and an underground tunnel system containing more than three hundred shops. Yishun Shopping Centre is fully-equipped with a four-screen movie theatre, multiplexes, a food court and a food market. It is also home to the world’s largest escalator and half-kilometre platform jumpers.

The Yishun EC is located within the boundaries of the soon-to-be world-renowned Yishun Shopping Centre. The mall is located within the existing Yishun Shopping Centre, a refurbished ball that has been designed and built by Yishun International. The mall features a total of eight floors and is divided into three levels. The upper level features a giant canopy mall featuring the Yishun World and Yishun Premium Outlet Mall. The lower level contains various eating houses and other retail outlets.

The Yishun EC is only one of two Sunrays Park shopping malls located within walking distance of Yishun EC. The other is the Yishun Premium Outlet Mall located within the northbound lane of the Singapore River. The residents of Yishun are serviced by buses, taxis and ferry services to get to the urban centre. The residents of the Sunrays Park Shopping Mall, on the other hand, can access the centre by travelling within the Sunrays Park MRT station.

The Yishun Community Centre, which is adjacent to Yishun EC, offers a wide range of facilities for its patrons including an integrated transport system. This includes the underground train system that connects the Bukit Timah area to the downtown area. The residents of Bukit Timah are also serviced by buses and taxis. The Bukit Timah International School also has a shuttle bus service that goes to the Yishun Community Centre on a regular basis. The future residents of Yishun and Bukit Timah are also linked by the underground monorail system that links the areas.

The Yishun Shopping Centre, which is adjacent to the Yishun Community Centre, is another great venue for shopping. The residents of the Yishun area can travel to the centre by taking advantage of the integrated transport system that links the centres. Tourists can also walk to the centre from their homes. The shopping centres are well known for their wide range of stores. These include clothing and shoe stores, electrical goods stores, jewellery shops, book stores, small stores selling snack foods and snacks and big stores selling fast-food franchises.

One of the major improvements in Yishun EC plan is the introduction of the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. This project has major benefits for the overall development of Yishun, including the establishment of a new business district in the middle of the residential area. The plan also includes the transformation of the existing Joo Chee Road and Yishun Avenue into a pedestrian friendly commercial centre. These two road intersections are among the busiest in Singapore. The plan is to make these intersections pedestrian friendly and fully functional for multiple functions, namely, the provision of public transportation, commercial facilities, residential facilities and a recreation space.

The major project plan for the Yishun MRT Station includes the extension of the current platform at the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub. A north line from Yishun to the North Point and the upgrading of existing stations to the Yishun Line would create a huge traffic influx into the city. The plan calls for the extension of the platform at Yishun to the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre and the construction of a new shopping centre at the North Point. The Bukit Timah Shopping Centre would be developed by a local developer. The planned extension of the Yishun MRT station to the North Point and the East Coast Link would create an ideal opportunity for the Singharaja residents to use the rail network for all their travelling needs.

The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub projects are being developed in line with the Basic Economy concept, a plan devised by the prime minister of Singapore, Mr. John Lee. The centre is to promote economic development through better utilisation of the public transport system. The plan includes the provision of bus services and minicabs to reduce the travel time and improve the convenience for people. Other than this, the plan aims at developing the lifestyle of the local residents through different projects. One such project is the creation of the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, which is expected to be completed by next year.

The Yishun MRT Station will continue to operate to connect the east coast express train and the Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. This is an important junction as it links the two major urban centres of the city-New Minster, and the Central Business District (CBD). The Bukit Timah Shopping Centre is located at the corner of the Avenue and the busy roadways. This would allow the residents of the neighbourhood to access the centre easily every hour. The plan is also going to develop the residential areas around the Yishun Park LRT Station. This is a crucial factor as the residents of these communities will have easy access to the malls and other shopping facilities within minutes.

The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub makes use of state-of-the-art technology to create a one-of-a-kind bus interchange station. The buses will depart from the Yishun Park Station and will take the passengers to the various parts of Singapore. These buses will have facilities such as air conditioning, power sockets, and entertainment systems. As such, the residents of this neighbourhood will not face any problem during their stay in the district.

One of Singapore’s best known and admired shopping destinations, the Northpoint City Shopping Centre is located in close proximity to the city centre making it easy for shoppers to get there. The centre offers a wide selection of retail outlets for all your shopping needs. And one can also do all the shopping here within just a few blocks away from the centre as the Northpoint MRT Station is very close by. There are many more advantages as the Centre is also home to a number of hotels and condominiums that makes life in the area much easier.

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